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Sports Clips Prices 2023 

The Oldwinfieldbar Bershop team reached out Sports Clips to Sports Clips team to verify and confirm the price in April 2023. Checking to make sure that all prices are accurate.

Sports Clips Haircuts Prices

The haircuts provided through Sports Clips are the varsity haircuts, which cater to the needs of kids as well as adults and seniors.

The haircuts typically have minor pricing variations based on where you’ve chosen to go to Sports Clips, but the typical price range is between $20-$23.

It is priced at around $17 in most places if you choose to take advantage of an ear-splitting cut. The cost is usually comparable to cuts for seniors or children and can be a few dollars less than cutting precision.

If you would like your hairstyle to be more precise or if you have lengthy hair, opt for the precise cut which usually will cost you an additional $11. In the case of example, if you select the detail cut the $20 varsity cut is now $31.

Haircuts and extensions for hair for senior and juniors generally cost less than the traditional varsity haircuts for men’s.

Triple Play Experience

This particular model by Sports Clips has a few similarities to the MVP. But, it does not have neck and shoulder massage. It is possible to purchase this Triple experience for a minimum of $33. This package also comes with many haircuts, such as 2-block hairstyles.


MVP Experience Sports Clips Pricing

The MVP experience will give you a comprehensive package. In this experience, you’ll have the opportunity to avail of the many services you will receive from Sports Clips including haircuts hair scalp massages shoulders and neck massage leaving-in conditioner treatment and hot towel treatments.

The cost of this package is just a little higher than Triple Play. The price range is $26-$29 in this bundle.

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Extra Innings (Other Services)

Beyond the primary services listed that Sports Clips offers additional salons with high-quality hair services for males. Other services provided through Sports Clips are grooming and trimming.

It is possible to have your hair, bangs and beard cut at the salon for a fair cost. In the majority of cases the process of trimming your beard without shaving costs about $6 at most locations.

It’s the same for beard trims. Get your beard detailing combined with your selected haircut package. You can also purchase this service by itself or the form of a la carte.

When it comes to neck trims be aware that they will be provided free of charge to clients who use Sports Clips when requested in between haircuts.

If the neck area begins to look scraggly even though it’s still far from the time you plan to cut it You are able to go to the salon and the stylist will trim it at any cost. Be prepared to utilize hair clipper sizes to trim or cut.

Sports Clips Services

Sports Clips is a unique hair salon catering specifically for the requirements of both boys and males. The principal services that this salon provides revolve around the theme of sports.

The MVP experience is the MVP experience. It starts with a consultation. It then gives you a perfect haircut as well as a face wrap made of an icy steaming towel and a massaged shampoo.


This MVP experience also provides clients with an energizing and relaxing neck and shoulder treatment. So, once you’ve received the entire experience that includes gentleman’s haircuts you feel great and look fantastic.

The great thing about all of the services offered by Sports Clips is that they require barbershop equipment that is of the highest quality. You can be assured that their tools such as shavers barber chairs and barber tools are extremely reliable.

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You’ll be able to enjoy a stylish haircut with Sports Clips. It doesn’t matter if you like short hairstyles and longer haircuts, low-maintenance haircuts and any hairstyle you believe is perfect for your needs.

It will give you the ultimate relaxation experience, when you go home feeling rejuvenated and rejuvenated with its other services, like the scalp massage, which utilizes tea tree shampoo as well as shoulder and neck rubs as well as a rejuvenating hot steam towel treatment.

Sports Clips Hours

Sports Clips is open from 9 am until 8 pm, Mondays through Fridays. Salon hours are also available on weekends and is open between 9 am and 6 pm Saturdays. 11 am until 5 pm on Sundays.


The best part about Sports Clips is that they also provide a variety of products that can aid you in maintaining the appearance you have achieved after using their services. A majority of these are made in a manner that improves the overall health and appearance that your hair has.

The only products for men that they sell are new shaving, hair, styling, and body products by American Crew. Other well-known brands that have partnered with Sports Clips, allowing them to offer their own products include Paul Mitchell, Nioxin, and SexyHair.

FAQ About Sports Clips

What is an MVP cut at Sports Clips?

This is the most luxurious package and experience at the salon. It’s a complete package that includes a precise haircut, a scalp massage, a hot towel wrap, a tea tree, as well as neck and shoulder massage.

It’s also possible to have an eye shave or eyebrow trimming.

Alternatives to Sports Clips

There are numerous hair studios that could provide a fantastic alternative in place of Sports Clips. It is possible to check out Cost Cutters, SmartStyle, and HairMaster price lists and then compare their total listing of services as well their working hours.

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What methods of payment do Sports Clips accept?

This salon is able to accept all major types of payment, such as credit, debit, and cash. They also accept contactless payments and also payments made with MasterCard, American Express, Visa as well as Discover.

How much to tip at Sports Clips?

If you are satisfied with the experience, then giving your stylist a small tip between 15 and 25 percent of your bill is acceptable. It is enough to tell your stylist that they are appreciated and to establish an excellent rapport with them.

Do Sports Clips have any coupons or discounts?

There are times when certain salons in Sports Clips give their clients exclusive discounts and offers. To avail of these discounts take the time to speak to your hairstylist in Sports Clips to know if there are specials you can benefit from when you visit the salon.

Does Sports Clips have a franchise?

Yes, it is. The cost ranges from $266,300 and $439,500. This includes all costs for the initial setup, as well as numerous other benefits.


Overall the services offered by hair salons provided by Sports Clips are very satisfying. What’s wonderful about these services is that they’re reasonable in price. This means that you’ll be confident about the service you receive from them, without having to shell out excessively.


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