Fantastic Sams Prices: Definitive Rate, Services Guide & Coupons

Fantastic Sams Prices
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Fantastic Sams Price List

The Beardoholic team reached out members of the Fantastic Sams team to verify and confirm the prices for April 2023. Verifying that prices are accurate.

Fantastic Sams Prices: How Much Does It Cost?

One of the biggest draws of Fantastic Sams is their affordable prices. The cost of services at Fantastic Sams can vary depending on the location, the specific service you’re receiving, and the experience level of the stylist. However, in general, you can expect to pay the following prices for some of the most popular services at Fantastic Sams:

Fantastic Sams Prices are higher than reasonable and suitable. The cost for a haircut for an adult begins at $28, whereas children can go for $17. You can easily have one of those long curly styles and not have to shell out a lot of money for it.

Haircuts Prices

A cut for adults is the most affordable option, starting at $28 to $38. All haircuts include particular Fantastic Sams shampoo therapy and three minutes of massage for the scalp.

The price list for services is as the following:

  • Adult Haircuts – starting at $28.
  • Adult Haircuts with blow-dry – starting at $33.
  • Adult Haircuts with style and blow dry Starting at $44.
  • Clipper Cut starts at $22.
  • Haircuts for children under $12 start at $17.
  • Kids’ Haircuts with blow dry start at $11.
  • Kids’ Haircuts with curls and blow dry start at $28.
Fantastic Sams Salon Prices
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Color Pricing

Fantastic Sams includes amazing coloring services. All come with blow-outs, and some additional costs may be charged because of thicker, longer hair, or the overall state of hair.

  • Color Touch-ups start at $60.
  • The All Over Color – from $72.
  • All Over Foil with highlights or lowlights starting at $72.
  • Partially Foil with highlights or lowlights. Prices start at $50.
  • Double Process starts at $120.
  • Men’s Color Blending starts at $22.

Texture Prices

Texture services could include styles such as hairstyles with afros however, you’ll have plenty of options and a variety of options to think about. They also will depend on the kind and condition of hair.

  • Perm Only – Starting at $55.
  • Perm and Cuts – starting from $66.
  • Perm Cut, Style, and Perm Starting at $83.
  • Spiral Perm Starting at $83.

Additional Services Prices

Additionally, you will receive additional services that go beyond budget-friendly.

  • Bang or Trim the Beard Starting at $11.
  • Shampoo & Roller Set – from $22.
  • Brush Out Style w/ Brush starting at $28.
  • Blow Out Style w/ Brush & Iron Starting at $35.
  • Eyebrow Threading starts at $11.
  • The Up-Do (based on the complexities of the style) Starts at $55.
  • Deep Conditioning Treatment – Starting at $22.
  • Waxing (Lip or chin the brow) starts at $11.
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Fantastic Sams is a hair salon with a service that provides hair-cutting and styling services for a reasonable cost. The chain boasts more than 1,000 locations, and you can find helpful and skilled staff who will cut your hair.

The prices typically begin at $28 for adults. They increase when it comes to hairstyles that are suitable for men wearing white hair. We encourage you to keep studying to know how great of an online store they are, and their costs, since everything will be explained in a short time.

Who is Fantastic Sams?

Fantastic Sams is a full-service hair salon that offers a wide range of services, including haircuts, styling, coloring, and more.

The company was founded in 1974 and has been providing high-quality hair care services to customers for over 45 years. With a focus on customer service and affordable prices, Fantastic Sams has become a popular choice for people of all ages and hair types.


You will discover various services on offer at Fantastic Sams. Start with a consultation, then get an easy haircut, or add drying, shampooing, or even styling.

As kids are concerned, kids are invited to visit and receive haircuts at a reduced rate in comparison to the price adults typically pay. However, in addition to getting your hair cut and assisting you in achieving the perfect look for each time of the year, Fantastic Sams employees can alter your hair color with a few hair coloring.

Sometimes, transforming your appearance requires a change of color and in this case, you’ll surely be able to find one. Redefining your hair is a possibility. You can choose to texture your hair to make it wavy.

However, you could opt to straighten your hair and purchase a treatment for your hair that will preserve your hair. What you’re in need of here, you’ll get it here. They don’t just stop at the hair that is on the head. they can also be very effective with your chin.


You can request shaving, trimming your beard, or changing the look. The staff there are equipped with everything beard-shaping equipment they require and the knowledge to accomplish it.

Things to Consider

If you are considering getting your hair cut by Fantastic Sams, there are things to be aware of that could assist you in making a decision about whether to visit the salon.

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It is important to know that every haircut comes with shampoo for free, which you won’t find in other salons. If you’re looking for something exclusive such as a blow-dry haircut, shampoo, or haircut, then you could avail of the Sams Cut Plus priced at $30.

If you’re looking for an all-inclusive treatment that includes a blow dry, a complete shampoo as well as a hot tool style that includes waves brushes You could request an Sams designer Cut price of $35.Fantastic Sams also has you covered with a quick and Easy Perm that starts for $64.

A haircut added to your perm is asking for the Sams Perm Plus, priced at $75. In addition, you can get a Designer Perm is available for only $96. Hair can be dyed with a variety of amazing colors, with a single procedure costing $67.

Highlights that are only partial are priced at about $70. However, if you’re looking for full highlights across your hair it starts at $84 before escalating to $95. Hairstyles that are updo for special occasions are available at the price of $56.


Fantastic Sams will be open every day of the week so that you can go in any time to receive sponge haircuts.

The hours of operation are:

  • Monday: 9:00 am – 8:00 pm.
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am – 8:00 pm.
  • Wednesday 8:30 am – 8:00 midnight.
  • Thursday: 9:00 am – 8:00 pm.
  • Friday: 9:00 am – 8:00 pm.
  • Saturday: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm.
  • Sunday: 11:00 am – 5:00 pm.

Products Sold

Fantastic Sams isn’t just a simple hair salon where you just have a haircut. They also offer a range of items you can buy to maintain your hair.

In addition, salon-quality products are the most effective you can purchase and can help you keep your hair to the perfect state and maintain it in that condition for a long time. Fantastic Sams’ Fantastic Sams product lines include shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers, and even barbershop equipment.

These grooming and hair cleaning products are sufficient to give your hair the attention it deserves and requires.

FAQ About Fantastic Sams

How much to tip your hairdresser at Fantastic Sams?

It is a tradition to pay a tip to your stylist or barber, by offering the barber or hairdresser between 10% and 20 percent of the amount of your cut based on the services provided.

Alternatives to Fantastic Sams

There are numerous salons for grooming that are an ideal option to replace Fantastic Sams. Check out Pro Cuts, Roosters, and Supercuts price lists and then compare their total listing of services as well in operating hours.

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Are Fantastic Sam’s prices affordable?

Yes, they are. Fantastic Sams has some of the lowest-cost haircut costs that you’ll be able to locate.

Does Fantastic Sams have any coupons or discounts?

Yes, they can. You can look up the coupon and discount codes because they may be available at times.

How much does it cost to get a haircut at Fantastic Sams?

The cost of a haircut at Fantastic Sams can vary depending on the location and the specific service you’re receiving. However, in general, you can expect to pay anywhere from $15 to $30 for a women’s haircut, $15 to $20 for a men’s haircut, and $10 to $15 for a kid’s haircut.

Does Fantastic Sams offer any discounts or promotions?

Yes, Fantastic Sams often offers discounts and promotions on their services. Be sure to check with your local salon to see what offers are currently available.

Are the stylists at Fantastic Sams experienced and well-trained?

Yes, all stylists at Fantastic Sams are licensed and undergo regular training to ensure they are up-to-date on the latest hair care techniques and trends.

Can I make an appointment at Fantastic Sams?

Yes, you can make an appointment at most Fantastic Sams locations. You can either call ahead or book online through their website.

What forms of payment does Fantastic Sams accept?

Most Fantastic Sams locations accept cash, credit cards, and debit cards. Be sure to check with your local salon to see which forms of payment they accept.

Can I bring in a photo of a hairstyle I want?

Yes, you can bring in a photo of a hairstyle you want to your Fantastic Sams appointment. Your stylist will work with you to determine if the style is achievable with your hair type and length.


If you’re in want of getting a cut but do not want to pay outrageous prices, then Fantastic Sams may be the right place for you. They provide professional services for reasonable costs and provide amazing haircuts, such as hairstyles that fade the temples and assist you in protecting and keeping your hair in good condition.

In addition, they employ skilled professionals who will make your hair look good and give you advice about how to clean your hair clippers or what products to apply. Overall you won’t make mistakes when you visit them to get haircuts.


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