Top 20 Modern High Fade Haircut For Men


Best High Fade Haircut For Men

Men’s hairstyles can incorporate both traditional and contemporary elements. One of the cuts is unquestionably a High Fade Haircut.

The truth is, when you pull a fade off, it always looks quite stylish, but everything is totally different with a high fade.There is still much room for experimenting while maintaining a reasonably tidy aesthetic.

As you may have probably guessed, we’ll talk about all the unique characteristics of the High Fade Haircut for guys today, but we’ll also give you some cool, new ideas to explore if the style suits you.

What Is The High-Fade Haircut?

High Fade Haircut

It is important to define a High Fade Haircut before moving on to some original ideas for you to try. The issue is that haircuts are typically categorised into three categories: high, moderate, and low.

As you may have imagined, a High Fade Haircut involves gradually fading the hair from the highest point to the lowest position, leaving the top with the most playable hair while the sides and back are closely cropped or occasionally even shaven.

If the information you just read applies to you, continue on to the examples.


High Fade Haircut Combinations

High Fade Haircut Combinations

We are prepared to give to your attention a new assortment of fade cuts to try out right now because these short haircuts for guys are on the cusp of popularity right now.

Military High Fade Haircut

Military High Fade Haircut

Defense Fade Men frequently receive the military fade on their sides and backs, which offers a clean, contemporary look that will improve their appearance.

In a High Fade Haircut, the sides of the hair are gradually tapered from long to short. Considerable consideration should be given to various fades, including low, mid, and high fades.

Don’t Be Afraid To Fade: Our Guide To The Best Fade Haircuts For Men

To fade or not to fade.

Not enough. You’ve probably seen the fade, even if you don’t realize it. This slightly edgy yet clever style became popular in the 1950s. What’s a “fade”? A fade haircut is a length gradation, fading to skin or concise hair.

High, medium, or low fades offer different looks. Less fading means more coverage. A High Fade Haircut leaves you with a mop-top, while a low fade tapers down your head, with the shortest cut near your ears. Medium? It’s middle-of-the-road.

High Fade Haircut require additional maintenance. You’ll need to visit the barbershop often if you want a clean cut. Plan your date/job interview/meet the parents within your fade’s honeymoon time. Which fading hairstyle is best? Let’s see.

High Fade vs Low Fade: Difference

Low fade Haircut

It is easier to distinguish between the low fade and the high fade. The low fade is a delicate fade that complements all hair types and tapers down on the head to create a delicate contrast with the hair on top of the head.

The back and sides of the head can be closely shaved because of the high fade. This gives your hair structure and increases the contrast between the top of your head and the back and sides of your head.

Mid Fade vs Low Fade

Low fade haircut

The mid fade and the low fade are fantastic additions to your haircut that add structure and contrast. The two, however, clearly differ from one another.

The low fade concentrates on the bottom inch of hair as it tapers lower on the head. Because of how understated and subtle it is, it is incredibly versatile and straightforward to customize to your tastes.

The mid fade, on the other hand, begins higher on the head. Between the ears and the temples, it tapers off. This is a great way to add structure and can give the top of the head’s hair a thicker and fuller appearance.

The top and sides of your hair should be combed first. Although most guys are accustomed to searching their sides downward, a clever trick for the High Fade Haircut is to scour the top section of your hair horizontally. Before combing the top of your hair, I advise using a spray bottle.

How To Cut A Fade Haircut – The High Fade

  1. 👉 Get your hair ready for the cut. The top and sides of your hair should be combed first.
  2. 👉 Trim your hair on top. With a lot of hair on top, a high fade may not always look well.
  3. 👉 Fade beginning. You’ll need a clipper and a few guard attachments to achieve the faded effect.
  4. 👉 Persist in fading. Continue descending while changing your guard to a slightly lower number, then repeat step 3 of the process.
  5. 👉 Modifications and Style. You’ll probably realize that the effect isn’t quite what you were hoping for the first time you do this.

How To Give A High Fade Haircut

  • 👉 Prepare your hair for the cut by doing so. Examine your hair on top of your head as you.
  • 👉 Your head’s crown should be hair-free. A high fade may not look well if you have a lot of hair on top.
  • 👉 Fade beginning. To get there, you’ll need a clipper and specific guard attachments.
  • 👉 Brightness continues to diminish.

What Men’s Haircut Will You Pick?

Our list of the top 20 High Fade Haircuts for guys is complete. Please let us know which one is your favorite if you have any that we missed in a letter.

If we’ve given you the idea to give your boyfriend a new appearance, visit our salon location tool to identify local stylists so you can obtain that unique style in no time.

Standard High Fade

Standard High Fade

A classic High Fade Haircut is demonstrated here. The fade, which occurs at the exact centre of the temple, aids in the sides’ hair blending into the top.

Clippers are used to trim the sides, with settings ranging from about #1 to #3 (for the shortest section of the fade) to #5 or higher.

Even Higher Fade

Even Higher Fade

The head may be pushed up fairly high with the High Fade Haircut. Here, for a more striking appearance, the fade starts above the forehead line and quickly tapers up to the full-length top.

High Drop Fade

High Drop Fade

In this case, we see a drop fade, a variation on the traditional fade in which the hair is not actually tapered. Instead, it quickly “drops” from long to short, and the remainder of the sides are faded.

In comparison to a standard High Fade Haircut, this one adds a touch of drama while remaining just as functional.

⏩ High Fade + Cropped Textured Top

High Fade + Cropped Textured Top

The fact that a fade may be worn with practically any top hair length is one of its main advantages. There is no better option than combining a thatch clean cut with a High Fade Haircut if you want that look.

⏩ Buzz Cut High Fade

Buzz Cut High Fade

As we previously discussed, you can wear your hair at any length on top with a fade. A fade can be used to complement even a buzz cut, which is a short haircut for males. Your appearance is further characterized by a line over your forehead, temples, and cheekbones.

⏩ Wavy Top High Fade

Wavy Top High Fade

Any fade is a tremendous blessing for someone with wavy or curly hair because it helps you to draw attention to your top hair while controlling the rest of your unmanageable hair. You can color your men’s haircuts to make them stand out against your skin tone for added boldness and sharpness of the look.

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⏩ High Fade + Line Up

High Fade + Line Up

Low fade and high fade might be very dissimilar. However, one of their most significant points of similarity is that they both enjoy wearing jewelry. A fade is designed to be used with a lineup because it cuts more sharpness and definition by defining the outline.

⏩ Crew Cut + Undercut

Crew Cut + Undercut


The crew cut fade is one of those looks that will look equally spectacular at a party and in the office. What makes you look more sophisticated so that women will swarm to you is what gives your hair a messier texture.

⏩ High Fade Pompadour

High Fade Pompadour

The pompadour fade revives the hairdos that men used to wear in the 1950s. The pompadour hairstyle does need some time and works to style, but the ultimate result is unquestionably worthwhile!

⏩ Slicked Back Undercut + High Fade

Slicked Back Undercut + High Fade

Nothing compares to a High Fade Haircut undercut if you’re going for a genuinely contrasty haircut. You can design your top from a high fade pompadour to a faux hawk, as long as the back and sides are short and offer a clean cut and distinct profile.

⏩ High Fade + Tapered Cut

High Fade + Tapered Cut

You should be aware that length is the primary distinction between a taper and a fade combo. The problem with taper fades is that there are three different stages of fading: fade, taper, and hair on top. You will understand the point if you carefully examine this image.

⏩ High Top

High Top

A while ago, high top fades were popular, but they also seem popular now. The main difference today is that it is blended with a fade to be more fashionable. Go for it, boy, if this seems like your cup of tea!

Mid-High Drop Fade

High Top

This haircut balances between a high fade and a mid fade. Around the temple, the line is where the fade appears. The sides are fuller than they would be with a standard high fade paired with the drop fade.

Grey Fade

Mid-High Drop Fade

With grey hair, the high fade also looks fantastic! It highlights the silvery-white hues of the hair, which contrast nicely with the top-down grey hair.

Textured High Drop Fade

Grey Fade

Another way to do the high drop fade is as follows. Here, the top of the hair is more texturized to contrast the shaved sides further.

High Fade with Quiff

High Fade with Quiff

Several popular hairstyles work nicely with the high fade. For instance, it’s worn with a side-swept, short, and wavy quiff.

Faded Brush Up

Faded Brush Up

Do you want something a little louder? Try this high fade brush-up hairdo. The clean fade helps stabilize the top hair’s length, which is rather long and measures about 4-5 inches.

Faded Crop

Faded Crop

Due to its simplicity, the crop is a simple, minimal-care haircut that many men choose. This practical haircut gets significantly more fashionable when you add a fade without making you spend a lot of time in front of the mirror.

Thin Fade

Thin Fade

Fear not if you have fine or thin hair; the high fade will still look good on you. Because of the nature of the hair, more delicate hair typically results in a slightly spikier fade. You can take advantage of this by wearing a spiked or tousled hairdo on top.

Skyscraper High Fade

Skyscraper High Fade

Do you feel like the high fade isn’t nearly high enough? Try out this high drop fade that occurs close to where you would put a section. The skull is covered in a short fade that heightens the look’s aggressiveness.

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FAQ About High Fade Haircut

FAQ: Fade Haircut

▶ What is a high fade?

A high fade mens haircut shortens the back and sides from the top to the hairline. High fade starts at the forehead or temples. As with the high fade, you need fashion courage to sport it.

▶ How do you ask for a high fade haircut?

▶ Is a high fade a good haircut?

A high fade is not only a great haircut, but it is also wonderful! One of its most significant benefits is its adaptability. Therefore, if you want low-maintenance hairstyles, you can wear a high fade with long hair or choose a high fade haircut for short hair.

▶ How do you fix a high fade haircut?

▶ Is high fade professional?

Having a high fade looks professional. Therefore, it is brilliant if you consider making it your go-to office haircut. There are many methods to style a high faded cut that complements a formal environment, including a high fade slick back, a high fade pompadour, or a tall skin taper.

▶ What’s the difference between low and high fade?

Do you know the distinction between a low fade and a high fade? Then, we’ll clarify the situation. In the low fade, the hair is tapered such that the area closest to your hairline is where it is the shortest; in the fade, the length begins to shrink from the corner of your forehead and goes all the way down.

▶ What is a high taper fade?

Not duplicate. We’ll explain. In a taper fade cut, the back and sides are tapered while the top is lengthy. Your hair length should progressively drop toward the neckline and integrate with your skin at the bottom. This smooth fade creates a clean, edgy look without sudden or untidy regions.

Final Thoughts

You should have no trouble finding a High fade haircut that is perfect for you, regardless of whether you want the understated appearance of a low fade, the flattering style of a mid fade, or the eye-catching appearance of a high fade.

There are so many fade haircuts for guys that you may select from, ranging from dramatic contrasts to clean cuts. You can shape your appearance by combining your fade with a hairdo tailored to your character.

This article gives complete information about High Fade Haircut.

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