Great Clips Prices: Rates, Fees, Costs, Services & Coupons (2024)

Great Clips Prices
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Great Clips Price List 2023

The Oldwinfieldbarbershop team reached out Great Clips to ask Great Clips team to verify and confirm the prices for May 2023. Checking to make sure that the prices are current.

Haircuts Price

An adult will pay between $15-$19 for haircuts from Great Clips. Haircuts for kids and senior citizens are priced between $13 and $16. Most salons charge about $15 for adult haircuts. $15 for kids and seniors.

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Hair Color Prices

The color of hair isn’t available on Great Clips yet, so there’s no info on the price.

Highlights and Balayage

The same applies to highlights and balayage, since Great Clips is not yet a salon that is full-service. It isn’t yet offering services that deal with highlights, colors or the balayage.

This is a plus but the fact that lengthy services aren’t offered by their providers makes it unnecessary to wait for an extended period of time to have a stylist help you.


Specialty Hair Color

It isn’t yet included in their current offerings.


You can also opt for hairstyles with texture at Great Clips. The cost varies it is contingent on the type of hair. If your style of choice calls for a standard length of hair Expect to pay approximately $22 to $38.


On Great Clips, you can browse through a variety of hairstyles that you could pair with a new cut or a sport. If you’ve decided the option of straightening hair using iron and have it curled, flat and wavy, as an example, you could also match it with blow-outs.


It is also possible to go for a more formal look with a formal hairstyle, such as an updo. No matter what style you like such as your colored buzz cuttop haircuts and hair combs as well as different hairstyles, it is important to be aware of how much it’s likely to cost you.

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In terms of styling, you’ll need to spend between $29 to $30 for normal lengths and $37-$50 for lengths that are long. If you require a formal haircut, you should expect to pay approximately $44-$66 for a formal look, particularly if you like a classic look.

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It’s more expensive due to the fact that taking longer to complete and more skill to make your hair look formal. hairstyle.

Treatment for Healthy Hair

Did you know it is possible to treat hair with Great Clips to bring back its health and beauty? In this case the options available for treatment consist of shampoo and conditioning. You’ll need to pay around $4-$6 for shampoo, and approximately 11% to $19 dollars for conditioning treatment.

Hair Extensions

The longer hairstyle will cost you an extra cost. Make sure you speak to your stylist prior to making an appointment to get your desired style by increasing your hair length.

Skin Treatments Pricing

Concerning skin care The closest service Great Clips offers are neck and beard trimming. If you’re in that situation you can expect the trim of your neck and beard to cost between $6 and $8.

Their prices for grooming and beard care are a draw for customers as they’re at the lower end of the spectrum.

A fascinating fact we found in a new study is that the majority of men will not pay over $10 to get grooming their facial hair even for the best hair oil.

Makeup and Lashes Prices

There isn’t any information on the makeup or lashes currently because they are not part of the services offered by Great Clips.

Brow Services

Certain Great Clips locations offer basic eyebrow trimmings, but they’re not part of their specific services. There are stylists with expertise in trimming eyebrows and restoring the appearance of brows that are bushy.

Be aware that they do not offer services for eyebrows like microblading and plucking waxing, threading and threading and threading, therefore the costs for their actual eyebrow services aren’t as high yet.

Salon Services

Great Clips has a long list of services, mostly focused on haircuts and hairstyling. What’s more is that they provide these services to all ages ranging from children to senior citizens. It’s even possible for all to benefit from discounts on haircuts.

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The most frequent services customers request at Great Clips are haircuts and trims. At a very affordable cost you can also have your necks, beards or bangs cut here. Shampoo and style to any haircut you’ve selected.

It is also possible to choose the style on its own and create an elongated blowout. It is possible to see the assistance of Great Clips regardless of the hairstyle or cut you like. You can choose from longer curly haircuts such as the pixie cut, short cut, or male perms that are tight.

If you suffer from frizzy, dry or excessively styled hair You can make use of the conditioning treatments provided from the firm to help make hair soft and more smooth.

In Great Clips, there will never be unattractive haircuts. The company’s goal is to offer clients top quality service that includes excellent cuts, haircut color suggestions and even perms and wave treatments.

Great Clips Salon Working Hours

The Great Clips Salon opens from 9 am until 9 pm, Mondays through Fridays. The salon on Saturdays between 9 am until 6 at night. It’s accessible on Sundays from 10 am until 6 pm.

Products Sold

In addition to haircuts stylists, styling, as well as other treatments, Great Clips also offer clients high-quality, professional products designed to keep their haircuts in good condition. receive from them. The product lines they offer include Solutions, GRIT, and Tea Tree.

The salon also provides an energizing shampoo for all hair kind and age. What’s more, Great Clips is that it offers top brands like Matrix, Redken, Paul Mitchell and Tigi.

Great Clips Prices compare to. Other Salons

In general, the services provided through Great Clips are more affordable or less expensive than other salons. The reason for this is that they don’t offer lengthy and precise services. This makes it simpler to get into the salon as an in-person.

Fortunately, the quality is not affected despite their cheaper costs. You still can enjoy gorgeous hair without the need to use a wave brush and apply pomades to the curly locks.

FAQ About Great Clips

How long does it take to have a haircut done at Great Clips?

A haircut with Great Clips usually takes around 20-30 minutes. This is contingent upon the length you have chosen as well as selected add-ons.

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What time is Great Clips open for business?

It will be contingent on the location of the salon and the owners as individuals since Great Clips is a franchise. Most salons open between 9 am and 6 pm, and some times being extended on weekends.

Alternatives to Great Clips

There are a variety of beauty salons that could be an excellent alternatives in place of Great Clips. You can browse Massage Luxe, Planet Beach, Dashing Diva, Beach Bum, Dashing Diva price lists and then compare their total listing of services aswell their the hours of operation.

Does Great Clips have any coupons or discounts?

It’s not common to find Great Clips to offer clients discounts or coupons because their haircuts are affordable and convenient. But, there are a variety of local promotions that typically offer seniors about $3 off. Veterans can also avail discounted haircuts on specific days throughout the year.

How much should I tip at Great Clips?

It is standard to leave an amount of 20 percent each time you visit an establishment, and this is also the case to Great Clips. For a rough guideline you could leave a small amount of 11% of the total amount if you think you are receiving poor service.

For average service, leave approximately 17%. For exceptional service, tip the standard 22%..


It is no doubt that Great Clips is one of the most impressive salons for hair right in the present time that provides top quality services without having you spend a lot of money.

Make sure you know beforehand about the costs that are associated with Great Clips services, so you know what you’ll need to pay to avail any of their services.


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