15 Best Blowout Fade Haircut

Blowout Fade Haircut:The blowout is comprised of the appearance of a moderate fade along on the side and in back hair that is longer on top, which is styled, and occasionally out.

The aim is to appear like you’ve stuck your finger into a socket which is why it’s called.

Blowout Fade Haircut

The blowout hairstyle, which is also called an temp fade  initially became popular in the late 1990s.

It returned about two decades later, because of Pauly D from Jersey Shore. It’s still the perfect hairstyle for guys who want to make a statement in the crowd.

What is a Blowout Fade Haircut?

A blowout fade is a Popular hairstyle that involves Slicing the hair on the sides and the back of the head, While making the hair that is on the top longer.

The hair is Styled upwards and Outwards by using the hairdryer as well as the use of a round brush for the appearance of a full head.

This hairstyle is appropriate for all types of hair such as Curly, Straight, wavy and curly hair. It’s a favorite hairstyle for males, however women too can rock this style.

How to maintain the blowout fade?

  • Begin by washing your hair with mild conditioner and shampoo to keep it healthy and clean.
  • Dry your hair with a towel and then apply a product for styling such as pomade, wax or cream to hair that is damp. Make sure you spread the product evenly with your hands and fingers.
  • Blot dry your hair using the setting for low heat and then move it upwards and back with the nozzle of your dryer. For hair that is thicker it is possible to apply brushes to push the hair up.
  • Once you achieve your desired volume and height, apply hairspray to hold the hairstyle in place.
  • Make use of your hands or a comb fade for shaping the shape and design of your blowout.
  • On days three and four refresh your hairstyle by using a blow-dryer and an oval brush to style your sections of hair that are dry.

Top 15 Blowout Fade Haircut

Here’s a variety of options for wearing the blowout in different lengths and styles and fades at the bottom.

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1. Blowout Fade Short Hair

The blowout is a very popular male hairstyle that has an elongated fade on the sides and back , as well as longer hair on top , which is cut or styled out.

The hairstyle can be styled using an abrasive hair product such as pomade to create a sleek appearance or using an styling cream to keep an natural, smooth texture.

Blowout Taper Haircut

2. Curly Blowout Fade

A curly blowout hairstyle is a combination of a taper fade haircut in the sides and back to highlight the style on top, while keeping the curls under control.

To create a fashionable style, wind-blown, look, finish with a Curly hair fade by applying matte pomade to create an organic and smooth look.

Curly Blowout Fade

3. Low Blowout Fade

The low-blowout style is a stylish and sophisticated alternative to the blowout style that is best suited to straight, long hair.

It has short sides and a back which begin above the ear and drop down to the neckline without creating a stark,”bad-boy” style.

Blowout Haircut for Black Guys

4. High Blowout Fade

A high blowout fade style can give guys a more youthful appearance with a shorter side and a longer hair on top.

The sides are often blended into the skin fade to create an elegant cut, and you style the hair on top with a good pomade or wax to give it shape and hold.

Textured Hair Blowout

5. Mid Blowout Fade

A mid hairstyle has a low- to moderate fade along the back and sides, with longer hair remaining on the top.

The hair is styled and trimmed with a powerful style cream or pomade for an unusual, sharp appearance with plenty of volume and texture.

Low Blowout Haircut

6. Front Curls With Blowout Fade

Hairstyle your curls in a different way and hold them at the front, while cutting your back and sides shorter.

Front Curls With Blowout Fade

7. Short Blowout Haircut

This means cutting your top in half and the sides and back down even more. This is the best option for simple maintenance.

Short Blowout Haircut

8. Hard Part Line Blowout Hairstyle

The process involves slapping the top of the jar to one side with gel, and then creating an distinct line of separation for sleek and stylish fade look.

Hard Part Line Blowout Hairstyle

9. Asian Blowout Fade

The Asian Blowout Fade is a hairstyle that features a low or temp fade on the sides and back, with a large top that can be styled in different ways

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It is a stylish look suitable for Casual and formal occasions, and can be tailored to any facial shape.

Contrasting the fade with the long top offers a variety of styles, from sleek and contemporary to wild and texture.

Asian Blowout Fade

10. Blowout Fade Waves

To create the “blowout hairstyle with waves” hairstyle such as either a mid or high taper fade should blend the sides back to the hair that is longer at the top.

To style, you can use a medium-strong hold pomade as well as round brushes to increase volume and lift the waves. Use hair dryers to seal the hairstyle and give it an natural, textured finish.

Blowout Fade Waves

11. Mohawk Blowout Fade

Make a contemporary and stylish look by blowing out your mohawk with a fade. Request your barber to fade the sides using the help of a taper, leaving at minimum 3 inches over the top.

Make use of a blowdryer as well as a round brush to give volume and texture the top part, and after which you can apply a powerful wax or pomade to style your hair and extend it to the sides.

Separate the sides to give a contrast and the depth of the Mohawk fade.

Mohawk Blowout Fade

12. Blowout Fade Mullet

For a blowout style using a mullet, request the barber for your sides and the back an asymmetrical taper and leave at four inches of hair at the top.

Make a style using matte pomade to create natural texture Then, apply a hair dryer blow the hair out to create a unique wind-blown appearance.

Blowout Fade Mullet

13. Blowout Fade With Braids

To achieve the ideal fade braids, begin by fading the sides all the way to the neckline, and finally leave at minimum 3 inches over the top.

Make sure to style it with strong pomade and blow dry using the round end of a brush.

Blowout Fade With Braids

14. Blowout Fade White Guy

For a white male seeking a chic blowout fade Ask your barber to apply the blended taper fade to the sides and back along with 3-4 in hair on the top.

Make use of a hair dryer to shape the top using wax or a strong pomade to give a sleek finish or natural look.

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Blowout Fade White Guy

15. Burst Blowout Fade

A burst blowout fade can be described as an updated variant of the traditional blowout that features the addition of a burst fade.

To achieve a burst-blowout appearance, the barber must apply a high-hold pomade create a textured look then blow dry using the use of a round brush for the maximum volume and height.

Burst Blowout Fade

Why Choose the Blowout Fade Haircut?

The Blowout Fade haircut is a popular Option among men from all different ages and backgrounds. Here are a few reasons why:

  • It’s a hairstyle that is low-maintenance that needs minimal maintenance and styling.
  • It is great with all hair textures, ranging from curls to straight.
  • You can wear the blowout fade hairstyle in various ways and for different occasions, ranging from informal to formal events, making it a versatile hairstyle
  • This adds volume and depth to the hair, making it an attractive and striking style.
  • It’s a timeless classic hairstyle that will never go out of fashion.

FAQ – Blowout Fade Haircut

▶️ Can I get a blowout fade if I have curly hair?

You can use the blowout fade hairstyle on any hair type, including curly hair. Your barber will adjust cuts and styles to fit the texture of your hair.

▶️ How long does a blowout fade last?

A blowout fade could last as long as three weeks if maintained properly. You’ll have regular trims in order to keep your fade looking clean.

▶️ Can I style a blowout fade without a hairdryer?

A hairdryer is definitely the ideal tool for styling a fade that is blow-out however, you can achieve the appearance by blow drying your hair using towels or the diffuser attachment that comes with your hairdryer.

▶️ How do I choose the right length for the hair on top?

The length of hair on top will be contingent on the style you want and facial shape. Your barber can suggest the ideal length for your hair as well as your face shape.

▶️ Can women get a blowout fade?

Yes ladies can rock a blowout. It’s a fashionable and versatile look that is suitable with any gender.

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