Supercuts Prices: Haircuts & Services (Complete Guide)

supercuts prices
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Supercuts Prices 2023

The Oldwinfield Barbershop team reached out members of the Supercuts team to confirm and confirm the prices for April 2023. Checking to make sure that all prices are current.

Haircut Prices

The Supercuts haircut prices already include Hot towel refreshing, regardless of the cut you choose or as well as that clip top fade.

In terms of the cost of haircuts The following list of prices:

  • Supercut – $24.
  • Supercut II includes essential shampoo and conditioner – $29.
  • Supercut III with shampoo, conditioner and blow dry. at least $38.
  • Supercut Jr. for those 10-year-olds and younger is $11.
  • Supercut Jr. for those who are over 65 years old, $21.

Supercolor Pricing

To be able to classify supercolor Here are the most common services and the prices they charge:

  • Tips – At minimum $38.
  • Glazing – at least $50.
  • Highlights – at least $38.
  • Gray blending – $11.
  • Root retouching Cost: $50.
Supercuts Prices
Photo @supercuts

Other Offered Services Price

  • Shampoo – $10.
  • Conditioner/Conditioning treatment – At least $17.
  • Styling at least $44.
  • Blow drying – at minimum $17.
  • Beard trim or bangs – $11.
  • Tea tree: $17.
  • The process of waxing your eyebrows and lips or the chin: $9 and $8 for each.


Supercuts Salon is renowned for its reliability and high-quality client service. The salon provides a variety of hair services to its customers, including women’s and men’s haircuts. They are also able to meet the requirements of senior citizens and kids who come in and request a haircut.

Everyone can go to this renowned salon for a haircut. Supercuts also provide haircut dyes and coloring services which include but not be restricted to highlights or gray mixing. In addition, they offer other services such as waxing and trims for beards.

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The best thing that’s great about Supercuts is the fact that their customers are usually offered hair services from the most trendy, modern and original ideas. You could even wear pink hairstyles or unusual beard dyes by going to Supercuts.

Also, there is called”hot towel refreshing which makes use of hot and wet towels to remove itchy hair on the back of your neck as well as other skin area.

This can be a huge aid if you’re trying to look polished when you resume your normal tasks. Concerning SuperColor’s SuperColor services, you’ll benefit from a variety of chemical treatments, including the touch-up of your roots and even major changes in color.

The benefit is that you are able to begin the coloring process with a consultation, which allows stylists in this salon to meet the specific needs of their customers.


The hours of operation at Supercuts could vary depending on where they are located. If you’d like to be 100% certain of their operating hours call the Supercuts salon that is in your area prior to visiting.

Most of the time, however, Supercuts branches operate Mondays through Fridays, from 9 am until 8 after 8. Saturdays are open from 9 am until 7 pm. On Sundays, you can go to the salon from 10 am until 6 pm.

Products Sold

Supercuts is known for its top-quality haircut as well as hairstyling service. You can also find the best haircuts here. Apart from these services, you can also see Supercuts selling its own line of products with the assistance of the corporate owner, Regis.

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The most popular among these are Designline and Designline specially designed specifically for males. It’s an extensive range of products that include shampoos and conditioners. Additionally, it has leave-in conditioner, left-in conditioner as well as other products.

Additionally stylistic products are available such as flat iron spray, curl cream spray and texture paste. Supercuts also offers products for hair that has been treated with coloring. These include those which help to prevent and deal problems with the frizzy look caused by color.

Additionally, you can find products specifically designed for silver, white, as well as gray. The company also sells other top-quality brands across the nation and beyond, such as Sexy Hair, Joico, Biolage, Nioxin, and Redken.

You can buy products of these brands at any of the branches of Supercuts close to you. In general, the items that are sold by Supercuts can aid in addressing specific hair problems like oily dry, itchy scalp hair loss, dry, and frizz.

Supercuts Pricing vs. Other Chains

If you’re in search of an establishment where you can get reasonable prices for haircuts or hairstyling, Supercuts is the best alternative. Be aware that despite the more expensive prices in certain Supercut branches in cities, however, the cost of services is reasonable and affordable.

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The costs at Supercuts generally begin at $14 and go as high as $44 for haircuts as well as blow-dryers, blow dryer and shampoo are considered to be cheaper than other salons.

But other salons, like Great Clips, offer slightly less expensive haircuts. However, many say that Supercuts is worth the cost since they provide their customers with additional services such as waxing, hair coloring and many hairstyling styles.

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FAQ About Supercuts 

What is a Supercut 2?

Supercut 2 is a haircut service that includes shampoo as well as application of conditioners essential to the hair.

Alternatives to Supercuts

There are numerous grooming salons that could be an excellent alternatives to Supercuts. You can browse Roosters as well as Amazing Sams, Pro Cuts price lists and then compare their total range of services, as well as their hours of operation.

Does Supercuts take credit cards?

Yes. Although it is primarily a cash-only business but it also accepts the most popular debit and credit cards, including MasterCard, Visa, Discover as well as American Express. It does not accept are digital wallets as well as debit cards with a prepay option.

Do you tip at Supercuts?

Yes, it would be best to tip your hairstylist or hairdresser at Supercuts. Now, the question is, how much to tip a barber or stylist at Supercuts? As a guide, give them around 15 to 20 percent of your total bill at the salon.


Supercuts is among the most trusted salons that are focused on quality. The great thing about Supercuts is that their staff is highly skilled in their field, and can offer the customer a 100% satisfaction guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with the services they provide.

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