20 Men’s Curls Hair Fade Haircut

Curls Hair Fade Haircut: Curly hair fade haircuts are one of the best styles for men with curly hair. They are also one of the most popular haircuts for men in general.

No matter how long or short your hair is, a fade haircut will make it look its best.

Curls Hair Fade Haircut

The drop fade, burst fade, and temple fade are three more. You can make your own look by mixing and matching any kind of fade with any hairstyle.

The fade also makes it easier to take care of curly hair. Obviously, after your hair cream or pomade. You can have long hair on top and shaved sides, or you can have shorter hair all over with faded edges.

Go for a low fade if you want more curls. Or, with a high fade, put texture and length on the top of the head. If neither of those work, there are a lot of options for a medium fade.

What is Curls Hair Fade Haircut?

Hair fade curly an appearance that blends classic fade hairstyle with curls. The fade is the gradual transition from shorter to longer hair, and curly hair adds volume and texture to the hairstyle.

It’s a lively and attractive look that is perfect for any event.

20 Best Curly Hair Fade Haircuts

Curls Hair Fade Haircut hairstyle sees the sides and back kept neat, despite being very short. The curly curls are thick and evenly ruffled over the top.

1. Taper Fade + Curly Hair

The taper fade is a Classic fade haircut for Curly hair that will never go out of Style. The taper fade gets rid of hair quickly at the temples and around the neckline, while leaving a natural line behind the ear.

Taper Fade + Curly Hair

2. Low Fade + Curly Hair

In contrast to the taper fade above, the low fade raises the hairline about an inch all around. This is a fresh and modern way to wear curly hair, especially when combined with a line up at the forehead.

Low Fade + Curly Hair

3. Curly Hair + Shadow Fade Haircut

The shadow fades go from shorter to shorter instead of going down into the skin. This is a great French haircut for hair curly, which is heavily accentuated on the fringe.

The hair becomes shorter towards the rear on the back of the head it becomes more straight too.

Curly Hair + Shadow Fade Haircut

4. Mid Fade + Curly Hair

Its Mid-Fade moves the hairline above the low fade, but not as high than the higher fade.

It creates a clean, modern silhouette and emphasizes the stunning natural texture. Make use of a product that has some shimmer to create this style.

Mid Fade + Curly Hair

 5. Drop Fade + Curly Hair

It is a drop fade that, as you would expect drops fade as you imagine, falls behind the ear, following your natural hairline.

The result is somewhere between an afro or a frosty. A majority of lower fades can be described as drop fades however they could also be high or medium.

Drop Fade + Curly Hair

6. Fade with Curly Hair on Top

Another drop fade featuring curly tops, which follow the same arc, with a harmonious symmetry.

Fade with Curly Hair on Top

7. High Fade + Curly Hair

This high fade stretches out from the hairline and cuts the rest of the hair off.

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For men who have thick hair or busy lifestyles, this is the most efficient way to rock curls. You can wash your hair and go or spend time styling your hair.

High Fade + Curly Hair

 8. Men’s Curly Hair + Fade

Beautifully curled curls rest on top of an elongated drop fade. Curls that are lighter highlight the texture.

Men’s Curly Hair + Fade

9. Skin Fade + Curly Hair

The Skin fade is designed to raise the hairline, creating an Oval-shaped modern look instead of the retro-Styled hair with a round shape. It’s hard to tell Which is more stylish.

Skin Fade + Curly Hair

10. Temp Fade + Curly Hair

A tempe fade eliminates hair from the temples. It is possible to incorporate it into any hairstyle but it’s a bit more striking with this kind of business at the front, and partying at the back with a curly curly mullet.

This is a stylish Fade hairstyle to wear for sports, hockey or just the bro style.

Temp Fade + Curly Hair

11. High Top Fade + Curly Hair

The ever-popular high-top fade receives an extra boost of texture thanks to the curly look. Use a curling sponge to create different looks on the top.

High Top Fade + Curly Hair

12. Curly Hair + Fade for Black Men

Of course, fade hairstyles are a popular choice for black males who sport natural, natural-looking texture.

Here’s a fun option to wear a short, curly curls that are kinky with a mid-drop fade into the skin. A straight line and beard cut adds a touch of style

Curly Hair + Fade for Black Men

13. Curly Blowout Haircut

Be noticed by a smooth blastout over the taper fade. The platinum version is more enjoyable.

Curly Blowout Haircut

14. Long Curly Hair + Fade

Long curls are contrasting with short sides for this super-cool and gravity-defying appearance. Hair can be twisted into man buns.

Long Curly Hair + Fade

15. Best Fades for Curly Hair

The flattop would not be the same without the possibility of fading.

Best Fades for Curly Hair

16. High Fade + Curly Top

There’s more to it than is evident in this curly style. The tight curls are atop of an line which extends into the temple. There’s also the high fade, and another shaving line to add some luster.

High Fade + Curly Top

17. Curly Drop Fade With Part

Cool tough part is what separates medium length, curly curls that are springy on top and shorter hair beneath. Its hair’s bursts is reflected in the beard to ensure consistency.

Curly Drop Fade With Part

18. Curly Mohawk + Temple Fade

Curls give a voluminous, textured look for the mohawk cut. It’s not even necessary to add some spikes. Instead, a fade and some length will create the mohawk look.

Curly Mohawk + Temple Fade

19. Curly Hair Fade + Hair Design

This cut is about curls hair in the fringe. The fade of the drop is accented by the cut lines and hair style.

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Curly Hair Fade + Hair Design

20. Long swept back curly hair

This more fluid style of curly, long hairstyle could be accomplished with a generous amount of a flexible finish product that glides through the hair with ease and mold the curlier hairstrokes to be repositioned.

To increase the height , apply a volumising primer on damp hair. Then, brush into the lift using additional warmth from a blow-dryer.

Sides can also be neatly swept back in this manner to frame and highlight the look of those striking waves.

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Long swept back curly hair

How to Get Curls Hair Fade Haircut?

Choose your curly pattern

Before you start Creating your curls, you have to identify the curl pattern. There are four kinds that curls can be found: curly, wavy curly, coiled and curly.

Knowing your curl’s pattern can help you choose the best products and techniques that will suit your style.

Cut your hair

Once you’ve identified the curly pattern you prefer You can trim your hair to length that you prefer.

The stylist or barber will make use of clippers to create the fade, slowly blending longer hair on uppermost points with hair that is shorter on the sides and the back

Style your curls

After the fade is complete now, it’s time for the curls. Apply a curl-defining product your hair, like gel or a curl cream using the fingers of your hands or an attachment for a diffuser for blow-dryer to make your curls.

Maintain your style

To keep your curls ‘ fade looking gorgeous make sure you use conditioner and shampoo that are moisturizing and trim your hair regularly to keep the fade.

You can also freshen up your curls by applying a tiny amount of hair products every day, to make sure they appear at their best.

What are the different types of fade haircuts?

There are many different types of fade haircuts, including:

Low fade: The hair is blended to the skin at the nape of the neck and gradually gets longer towards the top of the head.

Mid fade: The hair is blended to the skin at the mid-section of the sides and back of the head and gradually gets longer towards the top of the head.

High fade: The hair is blended to the skin at the temples and gradually gets longer towards the top of the head.

Skin fade: The hair is blended to the skin all the way up to the top of the head.

Drop fade: The fade on the sides of the head drops down in front of the ear, creating a unique and stylish look.

Burst fade: The fade on the sides of the head curves around the ears, creating a burst-like effect.

What are some trendy men’s curly fade haircuts?

Here are some trendy men’s curly fade haircuts:

  • Curly quiff with a fade: This is a cool and modern look that is perfect for men with curly hair.
  • Curly afro with a fade: This is a classic and stylish look that is perfect for men with Afro-textured hair.
  • Curly pompadour with a fade: This is a timeless and sophisticated look that is perfect for men with curly hair.
  • Curly faux hawk with a fade: This is a trendy and edgy look that is perfect for men with curly hair who want to stand out from the crowd.
  • Curly curtain cut with a fade: This is a soft and romantic look that is perfect for men with curly hair.

FAQs – Curls Hair Fade Haircut

▶️ Can you get a fade haircut with curly hair?

You can certainly have a faded haircut when you have curly hair. In reality, fades be beautiful with curly hairsince they can create a beautiful visual contrast with the short sides as well as the long curls that are on the top.

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▶️ How short should I go with a fade haircut for curly hair?

Its length will be contingent on your individual preference and the curls’ texture. In general the low or mid fade works well with curly hair because it creates a lovely transition between the shorter sides and the longer curls at the top.

▶️ Should I use a specific product to style my curly hair after a fade haircut?

It’s essential to select products specifically designed for curls to ensure that your curls look the best they can after the fade of your hair. Find products that offer water and definition such as products for curls, such as gels or creams.

▶️ How often should I get a trim with a fade haircut for curly hair?

The frequency of your trims will vary based depending on your length as well as how fast it expands. It’s generally best to schedule one trim every 4 to 6 weeks to keep the style and shape of your fade.

▶️ Can I wear my curly hair in different styles with a fade haircut?

Absolutely! With a fade haircut you can cut your Curls in a Variety of ways, ranging from messy, messy to a clean and well-defined style. Explore different hair styles and materials to discover the best style for you.

▶️ What is the best curly fade haircut for my face shape?

The best curly fade haircut for you will depend on your face shape. Here are a few tips:

  • Round face: Choose a fade that starts higher on the sides and back of the head to help elongate your face.
  • Square face: Choose a fade that starts lower on the sides and back of the head to help soften your features.
  • Oval face: You can choose any type of fade, as oval faces are considered to be ideal.

▶️ How often should I get a trim?

How often you need to get a trim will depend on how quickly your hair grows and how short you want to keep your fade. Most men with curly hair need to get a trim every 4-6 weeks.

▶️ How do I style a curly fade haircut?

To style a curly fade haircut, start by washing and conditioning your hair. Then, apply a leave-in conditioner or styling product to help define your curls. You can use your fingers to scrunch your curls or a diffuser attachment on your blow dryer to diffuse them.


For men with curly hair, the curly fade haircut is a fashionable & functional choice. They can highlight your cheekbones & jawline, define your curls & frame your face.

Consider your face shape, hair type, lifestyle & how much time you want to spend styling your hair when deciding on the ideal curly fade haircut for you.

Once you’ve decided on the ideal curly fade haircut, be sure to maintain it with frequent trims & the proper styling tools to keep it looking great.

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