25 Best High Fade Haircuts for Men in 2023

High Top Fade Haircut For Men 2023

One of the most popular haircuts for guys with black hair is the High Top Fade Haircut, which dates back to the early 1980s. It’s hardly surprising that it’s so popular.

It not only helps you control your wild shag, but it also represents the start of hip-Golden hop’s Age. Of course, it has triggered a number of variations of the appearance over time.

To provide you a wide range of possibilities, we have compiled the coolest of them in the guide below.

What Is The High Top Fade Haircut?

High Top Fade Haircut

For those of you who wonder how to fade haircut, there is no definite answer. We have come up with so many high top fade styles that you’ll really need to take your time before choosing yours.

In brief, to achieve this fade haircut look, your barber or hairstylist will cut the hair on the sides and back of the head short and leave the top hair quite long.

Such smashing contrast is the calling card of the high top fade. What else makes it so widespread is the fact that it works for any hair structure.

How To Get A High Top Haircut?

High Top Fade Haircut

The haircut itself is performed with the clippers with a smaller size guard on the sides and back and a bigger one on the top. However, to achieve the best results with your high top fade haircut, here is the first thing to remember.

As soon as you’ve decided on the high top fade style you want to rock, choose the barber who is capable of doing it. A real professional would be familiar with the different types of fade. Find a true master.

Who Invented The High Top Fade?

It all began in 1980 when Grace Jones, who is known for her singing, modeling and acting career, appeared on the cover of her album with a flat/hi top hairstyle.

Several years later, Schoolly D and Doug E. Fresh, who are popular American rappers, introduced to the world of hip hop what is now known as a hi-top fade. Yet, their hairstyles were not as defined and precise as a modern high top fade.

At the beginning of 1987, the world of hip-hop saw the video released by Salt-N-Pepa, where the dancers had the contemporary version of the style.

High Top Fade Haircut – Video Tutorial

Is A High Top Fade Professional?

High Top Fade Haircut

You may be wondering whether or not you can sport a high top fade haircut to the office. As long as you do not have strict dress code rules at work, our answer is yes.

This hairstyle looks very neat and clean, allowing you to keep your unruly locks in place. Thus, a High Top Fade Haircut is a completely suitable hairstyle for the professional environment.

High Top Fade

How Style High Top Fade Haircut?

High top fade haircuts create a statement while maintaining a tidy appearance and are well suited to the texture of black hair. Sides that are buzzed or shaved are typical.

Above the temple, the fade starts, and it continues into the top. This hair can be styled in an edgy way, cut straight across, or with curls.

This style necessitates sharp edges, thus routine maintenance and upkeep are advised. A high top fade, however, can be a fantastic way to showcase a strong personality.

Best High Top Fade Haircut

You’re going to adore our examples below if you’re thinking of getting a High Top Fade Haircut on your next trip to the barbershop.

Here are the best High Top Fade Haircut, which range from dreads, twists, and curly hair on top to high and low fades for the sides.

⏩ High Top Fade

High Top Fade

This High Top Fade Haircut has an extremely high crown and a rounded profile that continues the curve of the head in a seamless manner.

⏩ Modern High Top

Modern High Top

Black males should shave more hair off the top and make the fade steeper to update the classic High Top Fade Haircut .

⏩ Natural Bald Fade

Natural Bald Fade

A natural bald fade for black men’s haircuts is a tried-and-true method of enhancing High Top Fade Haircut for contrast.

⏩ Line Design

Line Design

Whether you have High Top Fade Haircut braids or a blowout haircut, adding a line design to your hair is a simple method to instantly boost it.

⏩ Tapered Sides

Tapered Sides

This edgy High Top Fade Haircut with tapered sides is ideal for men who prefer to be the centre of attention.

⏩ Straight Across and Curly High Top

Straight Across and Curly High Top

This cut has a high fade that begins at the crown and stays at the same level all the way around the head. This High Top Fade Haircut is also straight-combed and still has its curls.

⏩ High Top Fade With Part

High Top Fade With Part

Any haircut can stand out with a sharp hard part. The side part highlights the difference between tapered side and textured hair. For maximum results, use a blow dryer after application.

⏩ High Top with Short Dreadlocks

High Top with Short Dreadlocks

This High Top Fade Haircut has high, tight sides that gradually transition to the top of the head for a more relaxed appearance. The medium-length hair is twisted into tiny dreadlocks and coloured to add emphasis and flair.

⏩ Textured Taper Fade With Design

Textured Taper Fade With Design

This textured wave is another example of the varied side patterns that are popular for men’s haircuts. The waves and texture give the hair more volume, while the style gives it a smart appearance.

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⏩ Loose and Curly Flat Top

Loose and Curly Flat Top

This loose, wavy flat top can work for a softer appearance. The top’s gentler curls contrast with the sides’ rough shaving. To give it a less structured, flyaway appearance, don’t use too much product.

⏩ Temple Fade High Top

Temple Fade High Top

With this thick High Top Fade, you may show off kinky curls while a lower temple fade includes a greater quantity of hair and increases the high top’s height. Curls start at the top of the cut and are distinct and loose.

⏩ High Fade with Long Hair on Top

High Fade with Long Hair on Top

A high fade pompadour blends the appeal of a High Top Fade Haircut with vintage flair for people with straight hair. A high fade is followed by a clean change to curly hair. To finish the style, comb the hair above the forehead.

⏩ Wavy Hair and Bald Taper Fade

Wavy Hair and Bald Taper Fade

If you choose this style, your natural waves may come in helpful. Given that the newest trends embrace natural hair textures, if you have curly or wavy hair, you should definitely give this style a shot.

⏩ High And Tight Fade

High And Tight Fade

Consider a low-key look like a high and tight fade if a complex hairstyle like High Top Fade dreads is a touch too much for you.

⏩ Curly High Top Fade

Curly High Top Fade

A complex variation on the traditional high top haircut is the curly high top fade. The sides are faded, and the curls are highlighted, allowing more of your natural hair structure to show through.

⏩ Line Up High Top Fade

Line Up High Top Fade

This haircut’s prolonged thick kinky top makes it the ideal illustration of an Afro fade. The line up High Top Fade Haircut is one of the most geometrically defined hairstyles for black males when combined with the undercut skin fade.

⏩ Purple High Top

Purple High Top

What other colour would look so amazing with the flat top fade, in your opinion? It makes for an incredible contrast with the black roots. If you want to stand out in a crowd, the high top fade with dye is a necessity.

⏩ Frizzy High Top Fade

Frizzy High Top Fade

Consider a really high skin undercut to highlight your curly high top fade. This strategy will highlight your hi top haircut. A trimmed beard would be a smart way to improve the appearance.

⏩ Pomp Inspired Hairstyle

Pomp Inspired Hairstyle

This is the sort of high top fade that only a white person could pull off. Slicked-back high top pomp and a fade undercut with a sharply defined face-outline complete the look.

⏩ Modern Flat Top

Modern Flat Top

A high and tight haircut is perfect for people who prefer to keep things simple because it takes less precision and upkeep than other types. Well above the temple, a high fade leads to slightly longer hair.

⏩ Fade With Curly Top

Fade With Curly Top

If you grew up in the 90’s then your fascination with the curly high top fade is totally understandable. This hairstyle was all the rage back then and is making a comeback.

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⏩ High Top With Lineup and Fade

High Top With Lineup and Fade

Men can receive a low, medium, or typical high top fade, but the taper cut is the key component of this contemporary haircut. The high top fade has top hair that is mid-length and a gradual fade that emphasises the hi-top.

⏩ Will Smith High Top

Will Smith High Top

A wonderful approach to achieve straight hair in the game is to try out a faux hawk high top. For height, buzz the sides past the crown of the head and comb the top hair back. Making a statement in this way can be subtle.

⏩ Flat Top With Taper Fade

Flat Top With Taper Fade

A flat top haircut has a distinctive shape and silhouette that, in some ways, is similar to those of other common haircuts. No matter where you go, the flat cut on top will turn heads thanks to the addition of a taper fade.

⏩ Full High Top with Highlighted Tips

Full High Top with Highlighted Tips

This high top haircut is all about volume and personality. Tips of the hair are bleached or highlighted to add some definition to an otherwise free-flowing style.

FAQ About High Top Fade Haircut For Men

FAQ: High Top Fade Haircut

▶ Is a high top fade professional?

A high top fade looks suitable in any work environment because it gives off a neat and orderly impression, unless your dress code is exceptionally severe.

▶ What’s a high top fade?

Hi- In a top fade haircut, the top of the head’s hair is left long while the sides are completely shaved or maintained very short.

▶ Are high top fades back in style?

If you ever thought that a high top fade was out, you could say that it is now back in. Both a high top hairstyle and a fade appear to be timeless. You can choose them without being concerned that your hairdo will appear dated as a result.

▶ Who invented the high top fade?

It is hard to tell exactly who to blame for the invention of the hi top hair fade. Back in the 80s, there were many instances when a haircut resembling a high top fade could be seen.

Final Thoughts

You should have no trouble finding a High Top Fade Haircut For Men that is perfect for you, regardless of whether you want the understated appearance of a low fade, the flattering style of a mid fade, or the eye-catching appearance of a high fade.

There are so many  Fade Haircut For Men for guys that you may select from, ranging from dramatic contrasts to clean cuts. You can shape your appearance by combining your fade with a hairdo tailored to your character.

This article gives complete information about High Top Fade Haircut For Men.

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