20 Best Comb Over Fade Haircut


The Comb Over Fade is a popular men’s haircut in which the sides and back of the head have short hair and the top of the head has longer hair.

This Style is often Paired with a side-parted comb over, which gives it a classic, sophisticated look.


Comb Over Fade Haircut


One reason why the Comb Over Fade has become so popular is that it can be worn in many different ways.

It Works well for many men because it can be Changed to fit different hair types and face shapes.


It Can also be Styled in many different ways, from a polished, elegant look for formal events to a more casual, everyday look.

What Is A Comb Over Fade?

It has a Comb-Over on top and a fade on the Sides, which are both Popular hairstyles.

To get the look, the top part of the hair is combed forward, along with some hair from the sides and back. This gives the impression of a full mane.


The Side parting is caused by this “Combing,” Which makes the hair split on its own. The back and sides of the head are called the fade.

The fade goes from short or even bald fade on the sides to the length you want on top.

20 Best Comb Over Fade Variations

The fade haircut can be done in different ways, and the best part is that you don’t need scissors to do it.

These cuts are made with Clippers that have different guards, and Sometimes a razor is also used.

There are three main kinds of fades: the skin fade, the high fade, and the low fade. You Can read about Some of them below.

1. High Fade Comb Over

This image is an excellent example of a high fade comb over. The hair on the sides and back of the head is shaved all the way up to the scalp.

There will be some fading just below the length to combine the cut more softly.

High Fade Comb Over

2. Mid Fade Comb Over

The mid fade is just what its name says it is. It’s neither high at the top of the head nor low at the hairline. It comes down right in the middle of the hair.

Mid Fade Comb Over

The mid fade haircut is more about the style of the length on top, while the sides and back are kept short and tight.

3. Low Fade Comb Over

Ask your barber for a low fade haircut if you have a longer style on top and want to keep some length or volume on the sides and back.

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With a low fade comb over, the look will look fresh without having to cut the back and sides too short.

Low Fade Comb Over

4. Skin Fade

Most of the time, skin fade will start with a zero blade. It can look a bit harsh for a few days, but it lasts longer than a fade that gets shorter or gets longer.

It came from the military and is also called a short and tight style. Since then, it has changed into the different styles you see today. If you have a round face, you should get a bald fade comb over.

Skin Fade

5. Short Hair Comb Over

The first good thing about this low fade haircut is that it’s easy to keep up because daily maintenance doesn’t take much time.

You only need to make sure that your fades stay at the right length, that the front hair is styled into spikes, and that the top hair is combed to one side.

Short Hair Comb Over

6.Clean Parting Mens Comb Over Fade

When you add a fade to a Short Comb-over haircut, it already looks more bold and edgy.

But if you want to make it Stand out more, why not give it a hard part? The style is not easy to keep up, especially if your hair grows out quickly.

Clean Parting Mens Comb Over Fade

7. Comb Over Fade No Line

When adding to a comb over mid fade haircut, high or low, it may leave a line between the short and long hair.

If you want a more gradual change, blend the sides into the top without any breaks.

Comb Over Fade No Line

8. Long Comb Over

A long Comb over with a low fade is a great hairstyle for men Who want a more classic but still stylish fade look.

Ask your barber to make the line between the hair on top and the hair on the sides smooth and gradual.

Long Comb Over

9. Undercut Comb Over

With a comb over hairstyle, it’s easy to make a contrasted look because the hair on top is so long and stands out.

Go for a mid-bald fade on the sides and back, where the hair is noticeably shorter than on top.

Undercut Comb Over

10. Taper Comb Over

A short pompadour is a Great hairstyle for men that you’ve Probably already heard of. Elvis, the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, did a lot to Spread the word about it.

Taper Comb Over

11. Side Part

The Side Part fade is a big change in hairstyles that isn’t really anything new. Men’s side-parted hairstyles can look different depending on how they do it.

Side Part

And it’s very important to keep the Part in good shape. Also, when a man has a side part, you Want to make sure that the part looks clean. This is what the fade from the top down is all about.

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12. Slick Back Mens Comb Over

Men usually wear their hair Slicked back, which is harder to do with longer hair than with shorter hair. To wear this style right, you must have a strong hairline.

Slick Back Mens Comb Over

13. Pompadour Comb Over Fade

A pompadour fade is another good style for long hair on top. The pompadour is a style where the hair is pushed back.

In the 1990s, Pompadour hair became very well-known, and men who like to look good and spend a lot of money still love it.

Pompadour Comb Over Fade

14.Faux Hawk Comb Over Hair

The faux hawk fade may be the Cut you want if you Want a Style that is more out there and rough around the edges.

This rough look has become popular in many parts of the world. Even business leaders have chosen this style to appeal to a wider range of customers.

Faux Hawk Comb Over Hair

15. Wavy Top

If you think you can’t get a certain cut because you have wavy hair, you’d be surprised by how many easy and attractive wavy hairstyles there are for men.

Wavy Top

16. Curly Top Comb Over Fade

Men with curly hair can even get fade Comb-Overs that work for their hair. Men with curly hair often buzz their hair short because they think that’s the only way to keep their curls under control.

But this is now one of the men’s Curly hairstyles they love.

Curly Top Comb Over Fade

17. Pomp Quiff

Men’s Comb-over haircuts look good with most popular male hairstyles, and sometimes with more than one at once.

With this in mind, a comb-over, fade, and pompadour quiff make for a very bold and stylish look.

Pomp Quiff

18. Ideal Side Part

This hairstyle is so well-shaped that even a perfectionist would love it. If you finish off your comb-over fade with a perfect side part, you’re Sure to get compliments everywhere you go.

Ideal Side Part

19. Spiky Top

Searching for some cool hairstyles for men? Attempt this mild skin fade and spiky top hairdo. With the use of a styling aid, such as hair gel or pomade, the top hair should be brushed up.

To create a spiky finish along the edges, generously scoop a small amount of the product onto your finger, press it into your palms and fingers, and then work it into the top part of hair from back to front.dede

Spiky Top

20. Brushed Back Comb Over

Both a formal occasion and a night out call for this particular long hair fade. All age groups, from little boys to polite gentlemen, can use it.

This wonderful gem of a men’s haircut also has the benefit of being incredibly low-maintenance. You must clip your sides and slightly brush them to the back if you want to pull off the style.

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Brushed Back Comb Over

You might be Curious about why comb-over fades are so popular right now. It’s popular not only because of TV shows and celebrities, but also because it gives hairstylists a chance to show what they can do.

To fade, you need to be very careful, skilled, and have a firm hand. So, the barber is more skilled the more Complicated and Clean-Cut the fade is.

A fade also goes well with a classic and elegant hairstyle like a comb over because it gives it a bit of Contrast and a more modern look.

Comb Over Fade Haircut Video Tutorial

FAQ – Comb Over Fade Haircut

▶️ What types of hair work well with a Comb Over Fade Haircut?

Most hair types, including straight, wavy, and curly hair, suit this haircut nicely. Depending on the person’s hair type and preferences, the length of the hair can be changed.

▶️ How do I maintain a Comb Over Fade Haircut?

You must get a trim from a barber or hairstylist every 3 to 4 weeks to keep a comb over fade haircut looking great. To hold the hair in place and create texture, you can also apply a styling aid like pomade or wax.

▶️ Can I style a Comb Over Fade Haircut in different ways?

Indeed, depending on your preferences, you can style a Comb Over Fade Haircut in a variety of ways. Comb the hair to one side and use a style product to give it a sleek and polished finish for a more formal appearance.

You can tousle the hair and add volume and structure for a more relaxed appearance.

▶️ How do I ask my barber for a Comb Over Fade Haircut?

You can either present your barber with a photo of the Comb Over Fade Haircut you desire or give them a thorough description of it. The length of the fade and the direction you wish to comb your hair should both be specified.


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