20 Mid Fade Haircuts For Men In 2024


Best Mid Fade Haircut For Men

As the name suggests, a Mid Fade Haircut gives a neutral ground between a low and high faded cut. Although it is still audacious and edgy, it might be acceptable in a mainly formal setting.

To acquire the Mid Fade Haircut, the hair on the sides and back is tapered starting from the top of the ears. The mid fade is incredibly adaptable because so many different mid fade hairstyles are available.


It works with any hair texture, from a buzz cut mid skin fade to a mid fade curly hair pomp, and may match just about any top haircut. Please read our article if you want to learn more about a Mid Fade Haircut.

The Medium Fade Haircut

Mid Fade Haircut


One of the most popular haircuts is the Mid Fade Haircut. Men choose this look because it gives them a very recognizable yet nevertheless distinctive appearance.


It accommodates any stylistic choices effortlessly because of the versatility and length balance, especially those intended to highlight the longer top.

Who’s It For?

Mid Fade Haircut

For individuals who desire a professional appearance with a touch of modernity, choose a Mid Fade Haircut. This haircut can be incorporated into different styles because of its adaptability.


It suits guys of all races, ages, hair textures, and lifestyles well. When paired with beards or stubble, this appearance serves men well.

Make sure you have a quality wax or pomade and everything else you need to show off the fade.

What is a mid fade haircut?

mid fade haircut

The mid fade is a hairstyle between high and low fades. It is a very wearable and versatile style that tapers and terminates between the temple and the ear.

The precise shave and high fade produce a much more pronounced contrast between the hair on top and the sides and back.

How to style mid fade haircut?

  • 👉 Shorter medium fades look the finest. We adore how a longer top appears with a medium fade (did you see the pompadour style up top?).
  • 👉 Adapt features from your best haircuts. By incorporating various components from other haircuts and fades you enjoy, you can genuinely make your mid fade your own.
  • 👉 Before deciding, look through a lot of images for ideas. Before you go to the barbershop, look at as many inspiration images for your medium fade as you can.
  • 👉 If it doesn’t appeal to you, switch to a high fade. Starting with a medium fade has the fantastic benefit of being readily cut into a modern high.
  • 👉 Employ a skilled barber for your haircut. Visit a barber regarded as the best in the area if you want a unique mid-fade haircut.

How to ask for a mid-fade haircut?

If you’re unclear about which mid-fade is best for you, let your barber know how much time you want to devote to styling or which facial characteristics you want to emphasise.

However, the simplest way to request a mid-fade haircut is to present your barber with a picture of the cut you want.

How Do I Get the Mid Fade Haircut?

Mid Fade Haircut

Here are the things to take if you’ve finally decided to go to a Mid Fade Haircut:

Whether you use the scissor-over-fingers technique to texture the crown of your hair depends on the style you want to achieve.

  1. 👉 Repeat step one using the shear-over-fingers technique.
  2. 👉 Use a more significant barber shear and continue the scissor-over-comb technique.
  3. 👉 Cut the hair on the sides and back of your head with the 1/2-inch blade while utilizing the blade-on-skin technique.
  4. 👉 Use the 3/8-inch blade to repeat step 4 and the 1/8-inch blade to repeat step 4.
  5. 👉 Repeat step 5 using the flat side of the blade to shorten the length of the fade.
  6. 👉 To advance to the mid-end, use the adjustable clipper that is partially closed.
  7. 👉 Repeat step 7 after closing the adjustable clipper’s lever.
  8. 👉 Using scooping motions, finish.
  9. 👉 Use a t-outliner to tidy up the neck, ears, and sideburns.

Fresh Ideas For Medium Fade Haircuts And Hairstyles

It’s time to get inspired by the trendy men’s Mid Fade Haircut of today! The most recent, adaptable concepts are available for copying.

⏩ Medium Taper Fade

Medium Taper Fade

Men’s fashion enthusiasts love the classic taper fade for its ability to give wearers a sophisticated, understated, and surprisingly sharp appearance. A sage barber suggests a mid taper fade, which combines the continuous length of a mid fade taper.

⏩ Mid-Bald Fade with Tight Curls

 Mid-Bald Fade with Tight Curls

The mid fade is versatile and creates a sleek look. It’s versatile, and matching tight curls with a mid-bald fade adds definition. Because the sides and back are shaved, the top of your head and curly texture are highlighted.

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⏩ Brush Up with Mid Fade with Faded Temple

Brush Up with Mid Fade with Faded Temple

This is a highly fashionable take on a Mid Fade Haircut, with the top brushed up, the top tossed, and the faded lineup. Finding the right balance between the top and the beard is essential for this appearance. The temple fading is significant.

⏩ Cheeky Mid Fade Coming in Hot

Cheeky Mid Fade Coming in Hot

One of the popular trends among the younger age is the Mid Fade Haircut. The top here is thrown with those semi-curls that arrived hot, which also helps to make them look neater. Just a little reminder that excellent temple fading will improve everything.

⏩ Buzz Cut Fade

Buzz Cut Fade

The precise, classic buzz cut looks even more natural and manly with a sharp medium fade. Adding a fade to the straightforward and well-known cuts is a beautiful approach to updating or altering them.

⏩ Short Sides, Long Top

Short Sides, Long Top

Everyone loves “long on top, short on the sides” haircuts. We like contrasts, but a fade might diminish them. This undercut fade idea enhances short sides on top cuts.

⏩ Medium Fade Comb Over

Medium Fade Comb Over

The mid fade comb-over with a shaved stripe is perfect for men who enjoy fusing traditional and contemporary ways to offer something unique to their looks. Experiment with side and nape styles to make your comb-over fade stand out.

⏩ Bald Fade With Beard

Bald Fade With Beard

For men who choose it, the mid bald fade looks sleek on top and smooth on the sides.

This concept, along with medium skin fade cuts, looks best when worn with a beard since it creates balance throughout the ensemble and prevents the front from overpowering the silhouette.

⏩ Mid Fade with Crew Cut

 Mid Fade with Crew Cut

Men who prefer a simple haircut often choose the crew cut, which has a masculine appearance. It will seem nice and is distinguished by its straightforward, brief design, making it suitable for various settings, including the workplace.

⏩ Effortless Pompadour

Effortless Pompadour

How do you feel about the concept of medium-fade highlights on your pompadour hairstyle? It’s always entertaining and spectacular to give historical haircuts a modern edge.

Your style will undoubtedly advance if you sport a pompadour with a subtle fade accentuating the voluminous top.

⏩ Fade With Textured Top

Fade With Textured Top

Try different tops if you want to concentrate on the texture. With a mid-skin fade, your cut can be neatly contoured, allowing less side transition to highlight the top-tier texture of your hair.

Mainly if it includes light stubble, this style appears youthful and unusual.

⏩ Brushed Up

Brushed Up

A medium fade goes well with formal and sophisticated hairstyles because of its moderate impression.

Therefore, if you slick your hair back, you will achieve the style that enables you to knock on doors anytime because you can be confident that it looks respectable.

⏩ Cornrow Top

Cornrow Top

A cornrow top is the way to go if you like to stand out in a crowd. It goes well with all mid fades, but choose a mid high fade to give your hair a more striking contrast.

⏩ Half Dyed with Mid Fade

Half Dyed with Mid Fade

Try the half-dyed style if you want something new; it’s becoming very popular all across the world. There are several options available.

⏩ Short Curls With Beard

Short Curls With Beard

You can achieve a style that expresses your inner self with the assistance of a talented barber. Remember that maintaining short, curly hair, which men believe unruly, is essential if you want to appear suitable.

⏩ Mid Fade Undercut Waves

Mid Fade Undercut Waves

You can accessorise your undercut fade with a moustache, beard, and other facial hair. However, choose shorter beard styles if you leave the top of your head hair relatively long. It is possible to top-knot or slick back the top hair.

⏩ Spiky Top

Spiky Top

Short spiky hairstyles have made a significant reappearance as a fashion trend, so you can seem natural by getting one.

Men with short, spiky hair typically apply a small amount of styling product to the crown and then mess it up with their hands.

⏩ Sharp Mid

Sharp Mid

An undercut with a skin fade and the long top hair is rugged and stylish. Wave the top hair for extra texture, and finish the whole thing with a moustache.

By doing this, you’ll be able to recreate Elvis Presley’s iconic look more contemporary manner.

⏩ Mid Fade with Long Wavy Hair

Mid Fade with Long Wavy Hair

Long, curly hair has a stylish, sensual vibe. One of the most desired hair textures, it can enhance the appearance of even the shortest haircut. Your face can be framed, and your features can stand out with the right hairstyle.

⏩ Mid Fade with Man Bun

Mid Fade with Man Bun

The man bun is popular among men. This simple updo keeps hair out of your eyes and is functional.

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The man bun can be made with shoulder-length or longer hair of any type; curlier hair creates a thicker, less structured bun. Mid Fade Haircut give man buns an edge.

How to do a mid fade haircut step by step

  • ➦ Start with the center-top section.
  • ➦ On the right and left sides of the middle portion, repeat step 1.
  • ➦ To give the haircut movement and the “messy” appearance, texture the top. …
  • ➦ Cut the head section’s circular.
  • ➦ Start with the sides and back.
  • ➦ With the 3 1/2 (3/8″) blade on the detachable blade clipper, repeat step 5 as necessary.

What are the benefits of a mid fade haircut?

For males, mid fade haircuts have several advantages, such as:


Mid fade haircuts are a versatile choice for men of all ages & face shapes because they may be worn with a range of top hairstyles.

For instance, a crew cut, buzz cut, quiff, pompadour Or faux hawk can all be worn with a mid fade.


Cuts with a mid-fade are fashionable & can make you stand out from the crowd. They allow you to showcase your personality & sense of flair.


Mid-fade hairstyles require little upkeep. You only need to frequently brush & wash your hair to be ready to go. For your mid fade to appear its best, you might need a trim every 4-6 weeks.

Jawline and cheekbone definition

Mid-fade haircuts can assist to accentuate your cheekbones & jawline, giving you a more defined & manly look.

What is the best mid fade haircut for men?

The hairstyle that complements a man’s face shape & hair type is the ideal mid fade. Ask your barber for advice if you’re not sure of the best mid fade to acquire.

Here are some suggestions on how to pick the ideal mid-fade haircut for you:

Consider your face shape: In order to lengthen your face if you have a round face, consider a mid fade with a longer length on top. You can select any style of mid fade if you have an oval face since they will all look excellent on you.

Think about your hair type: A mid fade with a longer length on top will assist define your curls if you have curly hair. You can choose any style of mid fade if your hair is straight since they will all look excellent on you.

Ask your barber for recommendations: Your barber can assist you in selecting a mid fade haircut that works for your particular requirements and tastes.

Here are some popular mid fade haircuts for men:

Low taper fade mid fade

Men of different ages and face shapes can sport this adaptable mid fade hairstyle.

From the top of the sides & back of the head to the skin, the hair gradually gets shorter, but the fade begins lower on the neck.

Mid taper fade mid fade

The fade starts higher on the sides & back of the head with this mid fade haircut than it does with the low taper fade mid fade.

For males with thicker hair, this mid fade is an excellent option.

High taper fade mid fade

The hair is blended shorter to the skin in this mid fade haircut, which begins high on the sides & back of the head.

If a man wants a more dramatic appearance, this mid fade is a wonderful choice.

Skin fade mid fade

The hair is blended all the way down to the skin on the sides & back of the head in this mid fade haircut, which is the most striking variation of the style.

For men who desire a very short & fashionable haircut, this mid fade is an excellent choice.

No matter what style of mid fade haircut you decide on, make sure to visit a barber who specializes in them with your hair. They can provide you a haircut that you like & that is appropriate for your particular requirements.

How often should men get a mid fade haircut?

The hair is blended all the way down to the skin on the sides & back of the head in this mid fade haircut, which is the most striking variation of the style. For men who desire a very short & fashionable haircut, this mid fade is an excellent choice.

No matter what style of mid fade haircut you decide on, make sure to Visit a barber who specializes in them with your hair. They can provide you a haircut that you like & that is appropriate for your particular requirements.

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Hair growth rate: To maintain the ideal length & style, you might need to have mid fade haircuts more frequently if your hair grows quickly.

Desired length: You’ll need to have your mid-fade haircut more frequently if you want to keep it short. You can go less frequently for trims if you want to keep your mid-fade hairstyle for longer.

Style: To keep your mid-fade haircut in the correct style, you might need to get it cut more frequently if it is complicated or detailed. You can go less frequently for trims if you have a straightforward mid-fade haircut.

Consult your barber if you’re unsure of how frequently you should have a mid fade haircut. They can assist you in choosing the ideal frequency for your particular requirements.

FAQ About Low Fade Haircut

FAQ: Fade Haircut

➡ What is a mid fade?

A mid fade is a men’s haircut that involves starting in the middle of the head and gradually cutting the hair on the sides and back from longer to shorter.

➡ What number is a mid fade?

You can use any number between 0 and 4 to indicate the beginning of the fading process for a medium fade.

➡ What is the difference between a mid fade and a low fade?

You begin tapering the hair towards your hairline when you get a low fade. A mid fade starts the hair’s tapering from the centre of the head.

➡ Where does a mid fade start?

A medium fade haircut starts somewhere in the ear and temple area.

How do you cut a mid fade haircut?

To trim a mid fade, use clippers with 1-4 guards. Crocodile clips are perfect for sectioning off your top hair. Start with the most extended setting and run the clippers up your side, scooping at the top.

How do you ask for a mid fade?

To request a mid fade haircut, you must first know what one is. This taper fades out to the temples and a little past the ears. It can achieve contrast or provide structure to the hair, giving it a more polished and professional look.

Is a mid fade a good haircut?

One of the most adaptable haircuts, the mid fade works with hair of all types and lengths. It may contrast with your top-of-the-head hair, giving the impression that it is thicker and fuller. Another option is that it will give you structure and a polished appearance.

➡ What are the different types of mid fade haircuts?

The low taper fade, mid taper fade, high taper fade, skin fade, burst fade, drop fade & temple fade are just a few of the numerous variations on the mid fade haircut style.

➡ What are some cool mid fade haircuts for men?

The burst fade, drop fade & temple fade are a few trendy mid fade hairstyles for guys. Compared to the conventional low, mid & high taper fades, these ones are more original & fashionable.

➡ What are some mid fade haircuts for men with curly hair?

Men with curly hair can look fantastic in mid-fade haircuts. They can assist in defining the curls and enhancing their manageability. The low taper fade, mid taper fade & high taper fade are a few common mid fade hairstyles for guys with curly hair.


You should have no trouble finding a Mid Fade Haircut that is perfect for you, regardless of whether you want the understated appearance of a low fade, the flattering style of a mid fade, or the eye-catching appearance of a high fade.

There are so many fade haircuts for guys that you may select from, ranging from dramatic contrasts to clean cuts. You can shape your appearance by combining your fade with a hairdo tailored to your character.

This article gives complete information about Mid Fade Haircut.

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