What Is The Southside Fade Haircut?


Southside Fade Haircut For Men

Men’s Southside Fade Haircut are absolutely amazing yet quite difficult to get. You’ll need to master the shaving machine and have a steady touch if you want to achieve the ideal fade.

We strongly advise making an appointment at your favourite salon so a professional can style your hair.


You will enjoy the way your head feels because the Southside Fade Haircut focus all the attention on your top head, where your hair becomes increasingly noticeable and thicker.

What is a Southside Fade?

Southside Fade Haircut


By this point, the majority of us are aware of the Fade Haircut and its three primary iterations: High, Medium, and Low. Due to its adaptability and exceptional visual appeal, the fade haircut has conquered the world as well as the hearts of fashion aficionados, but it never lasted in one place.


A Southside fade, which incorporates a tight and defined high skin fade that cuts all the follicles around the head till the temple is reached, is one of the countless forms the high fade can adapt to.

In a nutshell, it’s a hairstyle that features a disconnected fade on the sides and the back and a 3 mm fade in the frontal area and hairline.

Shape-ups are used to give the hairline a sharp, defined appearance, while blends are used to alter the frontal region.


Southside Fade Haircut – Video Tutorial

How to Achieve the Southside Fade Anywhere at Any Time

The look is versatile and welcomes all hair types, although achieving it may be difficult. Always look for a professional hairdresser who knows how to cut hair, and avoid those who are inexperienced. The procedure involves numerous guards and hair clippers.

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Visit a reputable salon and have it done by a professional for the finest results. You might need to slightly increase your budget to do this, but it will be well worth it.

A step-by-step guide on how to accomplish the Southside Fade Haircut at home, either on your own or with assistance from someone, is provided below if you’re on a limited budget.

👉  Take off the top with a 1.5 guard

  • The entire process will be simplified as a result of the removal of any extra weight and length that your hair may have. In order to achieve better results, users or hairdressers can choose to follow the guidelines that are created.

👉  Disconnect the frontal region from the other sections of the hair

  • To dissociate the top and separate it from the other sections of the scalp, adhere to the guidelines and utilise a zero guard. Make sure to stick to the initial rule established in step 1 to avoid shaving more hair than is necessary.

👉  Use a straight edge razor to achieve a bald fade around the top

  • A bald fade is simpler to do, though a skin fade is more effective. It may be simply imitated by using a simple razor, which is perfect for novice hair stylists as well as those who are giving themselves this haircut.
  • This technique can also lessen the likelihood of a bad hairstyle, which can be challenging to avoid when using hair clippers.

👉  Make sure to regularly shave against and with the grain

  • Shave regularly both with and against the grain to establish balance and help people imagine the end look because shaving is a strange activity in and of itself.
  • Regularly changing the technique will also help to prevent minor downsides like scalp irritation, nicks, cuts, and razor bumps.
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👉   Use a zero guard to achieve the “Southside Fade” 

  • To finish the final fade, according to the instruction and trim the clippers against the frontal hair grains. It will make it possible for the top to appear more defined and the fade to look more natural.
  • If you’re doing the look on your own, use a mirror.

👉   Use the assistance of shapes to add more definition 

  • To improve the appearance and tighten the shape-up on the hairline, use rulers with an oblong shape.
  • To enhance the physical appearance of the ends of the Southside fading, you can also use the ruler on the frontal surface.

20 Southside Fade Haircut Ideas To Instantly Improve Your Hair Game

The Southside fade’s stylish and contemporary appearance is another reason why it deserves more attention. It has a tonne of volume, is appropriate for many different types of situations, and is also incredibly simple to maintain.

Additionally, it can be combined with and replicated into a variety of various haircuts. Some of our favourite haircut variations that you can accomplish with the aid of a Southside fade are listed below.

⏩ Southside Fade with Part

Southside Fade with Part

This is one technique for giving males a stunning southside fade! Use a razor tool to draw the frame lining on your forehead and the diagonal line on your scalp after you’ve finished the hard fading.

⏩ Southside Fade for Bearded Men

Southside Fade for Bearded Men 

If you like to keep your beard long, this lovely southside fade trim is a great haircut to adopt. It also looks great on men who wear spectacles. It is the perfect method to focus all eyes on your chin.

⏩ Southside Fade + Braided Top

Southside Fade + Braided Top

You can always choose to mix a southern fade with braids if you want to take this haircut to a completely new level. Keep the hair on top of your head longer so you may create a stunning braided style.

⏩ Fade with Waves

Fade with Waves

If you have curly or wavy hair, your southside fade haircut can elegantly include this texture. This can be accomplished by leaving your top hair longer so that the waves stand out.

⏩ Bald Southside Fade with Outgrown Top

Bald Southside Fade with Outgrown Top

The southside fade will be a favourite among crew cut fans. Even though they share some characteristics, a bald southside fade can provide more texture to one’s hair than a crew cut.

⏩ Military Crew Cut with Southside Fade

Military Crew Cut with Southside Fade

Although there is little evidence to support this claim, military personnel frequently sport haircuts like the Southside Fade. It is a practical short hairstyle that is simple to maintain and nearly always remains in place.

⏩ Southside Skin Fade with a Hook Part

Southside Skin Fade with a Hook Part

This haircut is strikingly similar to the everyday style that hip-hop superstar and influential artist Drake sports. To soften the edges and give the strands a thicker appearance, a line-up is created around the hairline.

⏩ The Buzz Mohawk

The Buzz Mohawk

For individuals looking for an edgy, low-maintenance hairdo, this look is incredibly practical. It is for rebels who wish to use an imposing haircut to showcase their inner selves.

⏩ Southside Fade with 360 Waves

Southside Fade with 360 Waves

Use a Southside Fade to add a slight yet impactful twist to your natural hair. Not only will the waves appear more obvious, but the entire effect will make anyone wearing it appear younger.

⏩ Southside Fade for Afro Hair

Southside Fade for Afro Hair

Although afro hair is tough, maintaining it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. While some people enjoy leaving their hair long and experimenting with their new dreads, others prefer a simple trim that is both time- and user-friendly.

⏩ Buzz Fro Hawk with Southside Fade

Buzz Fro Hawk with Southside Fade

Once it becomes long, afro hair can be difficult to maintain. Additionally, because it has the highest density and definition of any hair type, it is more adaptable to various haircuts.

⏩ Patterned Southside Fade

Patterned Southside Fade

Since the fade is sharp and high, adding graphics to the buzzcut will undoubtedly make you stand out in a crowded environment. Additionally, it will give the hair a distinctive quality, particularly if the wearer places a lot of value on the design.

⏩ Southside Fade with Design

Southside Fade with Design

This hairdo calls for a true expert in fading hairdos. Design something distinctive with a thick hair shape. Trim the remaining hair to provide a striking appearance for the construct.

⏩ Southside Fade for Black Men

Southside Fade for Black Men

A southside fade hairdo that draws all the emphasis to your chin will enhance your beautifully groomed beard. Cut your hair high on the forehead area, starting at the balding area.

⏩ Southside Asian Fade

Southside Asian Fade

This haircut is not just appropriate for males from Houston, Texas, where it originated. Additionally, it’s ideal for Asian guys who wish to seem presentable with a short, simple hairdo.

⏩ White Guy with Southside Fade

White Guy with Southside Fade

White males with tattoos on their heads look great with the southside fade hairdo. This lovely southside fading haircut is the ideal choice if you want to expose some hair but avoid covering those pieces of art with your hair.

⏩ Long Top Southside Fade

Long Top Southside Fade

Pick a unique haircut that will make your lovely, tight Afro ringlets the centre of attention. Keep the top section long and add a southside fade! You’re ready to shine if you tousle your hair!

⏩ Southside Fade For Thin Hair

Southside Fade For Thin Hair

No matter how thick or how thin your hair is, you may always hang onto the last few strands and flaunt them with great pride. It will be easier for the thinning buzz cut in front to adjust to a bald top fade.

⏩ Southside Fade with Subtle Side Part

Southside Fade with Subtle Side Part

A southside fade can also make it possible to develop a full, voluminous, and healthy-looking side part. Any comb-over haircut, like the side part or even a slick back.

Tips for Maintaining a Southside Fade

Immediate aftercare is crucial. It should include exercises that improve hair and protect the scalp to prevent unintended and inevitable consequences like the awkward period.

There are many strategies and tricks one might use to preserve a Southside fade. Here are our favourite life hacks.

👉   Prioritize Your Scalp

  • Taking care of the scalp is vital for optimal outcomes. The southside fade doesn’t have much hair to care for, but healthy growth is important.
  • Shampoo and condition your hair twice a week to promote healthy hair development and prevent scalp acne and flaky scalp.

👉  Moisturization is Key

  • Uncared-for scalps, like other body parts, deteriorate and age faster. Flaky scalp, inflammation, acne, and hair loss may follow.
  • To prevent that, moisturise the scalp sometimes, especially if you live in an adverse climate. Various scalp creams nourish and prevent dryness. It’s perfect for refreshing your hair.

👉  Invest in hair supplements

  • Cities never sleep, so we need flexible schedules. Some people must prioritise hair and make time for it, but others have hard schedules and can’t add hobbies.
  • As a shortcut, one can buy supplements and hair medication with vitamins and nutrients to boost hair development.

👉   Choose hair clippers over beard trimmers 

  • Since it needs frequent trims, it can be pricey. We recommend a hair clipper made of trustworthy materials for this reason.
  • Buy hair clippers, not beard trimmers, because the materials are different. One is for face and manscaping hair, while the other is for scalp hair.

FAQ About Southside Fade Haircut For Men

FAQ: Southside Fade Haircut

▶ When was the Southside fade discovered?

This minimalist hairstyle with a current look first appeared in South Houston in the early 1990s and was popular among young artists. While it didn’t make much of an impact on the 90s fashion scene, it’s considered a sophisticated hairstyle that’s also edgy today.

▶ Which hair type is the Southside fade suitable for?

This hairstyle is accessible to everyone because it requires cutting off most of the wearer’s hair. Since the haircut is simplistic and uncomplicated, it doesn’t require dense hair. This hairdo can improve many lives with the correct tools and reputable hairdressers.

▶ How is the Southside fade different from a skin fade?

The Southside fade leaves frontal hair longer than scalp hair, unlike a skin fade. A skin fade includes shaving the head until the skin is seen or a disconnected pattern is reached.

▶ How to get a Southside fade haircut for men?

Men’s southside fade haircuts are absolutely amazing yet quite difficult to get. You’ll need to master the shaving machine and have a steady touch if you want to achieve the ideal fade.

▶ Where did the south side fade come from?

Houston, Texas
Because it comes from Houston, Texas’ south side, the Southside Fade is known as the Southside. Have you ever noticed that the style and taste are always on the south side of any town?


You should have no trouble finding a Southside Fade Haircut For Men that is perfect for you, regardless of whether you want the understated appearance of a low fade, the flattering style of a mid fade, or the eye-catching appearance of a high fade.

There are so many  Fade Haircut For Men for guys that you may select from, ranging from dramatic contrasts to clean cuts. You can shape your appearance by combining your fade with a hairdo tailored to your character.

This article gives complete information about Southside Fade Haircut For Men.

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