30 Burst Fade Haircuts For Men 2024

Burst Fade Haircut For Men 2024

One of the most spectacular variants of a fade is the Burst Fade Haircut. Because it can be included into any men’s haircut, regardless of length or texture, this hairstyle is incredibly versatile.

The burst faded Mohawk, also known as the fade South of France haircut, is a particularly popular example of these mixes and can be attributed to the well-known R&B performer Usher Raymond.

Here are some tips on how to wear the Burst Fade Haircut to perfection.

What Is A Burst Fade?

Burst Fade Haircut

It’s impossible to confuse the Burst Fade Haircut with any other fade haircut because of the dramatic feature it involves. To get the Burst Fade Haircut effect, the hairline behind the ear should be tapered, while the hair at the back is left longer.

In such a way, the hairline replicates the ear curvature and bursts out at the neck. Notably, the faded cut looks amazingly flattering both on short and on medium length hair.

Once you’ve found the answer to the question “What is a Burst Fade Haircut ,” it’s time to consider what you need to know to get yourself one.

Tools And Tips For A Burst Fade Haircut

Burst Fade Haircut

There are many ways how to style a Burst Fade Haircut . For medium hair, barbers use twists, finger coils or hair sponges. The latter has enjoyed great success. The hair sponge was created so that short natural hair could be twisted and curled.

There are sponges that have two sides. The first, with holes, is aimed at creating coils and curls. The second, with ridges, is able to make hair more voluminous.

The biggest advantage of the sponge, in addition to the effect it gives, is its ease of handling. Not only are barbers capable of styling hair with a sponge but so are their clients.

You can buy a sponge from your hairstylist and get some advice on how to maintain a haircut at home.

How To Get A Burst Fade Haircut?

The first thing you need to understand is how to cut a fade with clippers if you want to know how to execute a Burst Fade Haircut in detail. Attend to the guards, a mirror, and a comb as well.

Finally, adhere to these straightforward guidelines for the ideal Burst Fade Haircut :

  1. 👉 To get the desired length, use clippers with guard size #3 on your top hair.
  2. 👉 To get the desired length, cut your side hair using clippers with guard size.
  3. 👉 Cut the hair around the ears with a bald trimmer without protection.
  4. 👉 Use a closed level and no or guard size 1 to mimic the rings around your ears as you did in the preceding step.
  5. 👉 At the intersection of Steps 1 and 2, gradually lower the haircut with Guard 3. The circle from Step 2 should be 11/2 inches wide.
  6. 👉 To flatten your hair, use a comb.
  7. 👉 Utilizing guard size 2, repeat Step 5.
  8. 👉 Blend the guard size 1 with guard size 2 while keeping the guard size 1 open.
  9. 👉 By combining all the components and trimming the edges as needed, the finished product is polished.

And it’s done!

burst fade

Straight, curly, or wavy hair can all be styled with a burst fade. For a more formal appearance, mix it with a side part or a Caesar cut. For a more daring look, try a mohawk.

Burst Fade Haircut – Video Tutorial

Best Modern Burst Fade Hairstyles For Men

When you have mastered the art of achieving the ideal burst fade, it is now time to select the unique set of characteristics. Here is our list of the most flattering contemporary fade hairstyles for men because there are so many alternatives, it can be a little challenging.

⏩ Low Burst Fade

Low Burst Fade

The sides and back are still kept short with this low burst fade, which doesn’t ride too high. This variation is ideal for men who need a professional hairdo but still desire a daring cut like the burst fade. 

⏩ Burst Fade Mohawk

Burst Fade Mohawk

The most traditional variation of the haircut is the Burst Fade Haircut mohawk. A high bald burst fade on the sides and an edge up along the hairline and temples accompany this wide mohawk with kinky hair.

⏩ Burst Fade Mullet

Burst Fade Mullet

A mullet can also be styled with a Burst Fade Haircut that is similar to a mohawk. Less hair is on the sides of the modern mullet fade, with a greater emphasis on the top and back.

⏩ Burst Fade Curly Hair

Burst Fade Curly Hair

This is yet another frohawk fading variant. This faded cut with curly hairstyles for guys provides the best and softer appearance out of all the black men’s fades.

⏩ Comb Over Burst Fade

Comb Over Burst Fade

Both people with beards and those without look great in the comb over Burst Fade hairdo. Its name comes from the way you wear this hairstyle. Use your comb to maintain your Mohawk once the sides have faded.

⏩ Hard Part Burst Fade

Hard Part Burst Fade

If you want a men’s haircut that will make you seem classy and gorgeous but aren’t sure which one to pick, this is the solution. The sides and back of the skull experience a blast.

⏩ Side Part Burst Fade

Side Part Burst Fade

The hair is given a burst fade on the sides and is tapered around the ears in this men’s haircut. On top, thick hair is kept in place, while the side is cut in a small part to a different length.

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⏩ Undercut Burst Fade

 Undercut Burst Fade

When fashioned with medium-length to long hair on top, an undercut fade haircut looks fantastic. On the back and sides of your head, a low fade is produced. Your head’s back is where the undercut is made. Usually near your neck, a line or two form.

⏩ Dyed Burst Fade

Dyed Burst Fade

Do you get excited every time you get to add colour to your dark hair and spice it up? A coloured burst fade can work just fine for you. You can dye your hair any colour after having your explosion fade.

⏩ Wavy Burst Fade

Wavy Burst Fade

Additionally, wavy hair looks great with the burst fade. If you have thick hair, you could like a top haircut that is textured and voluminous. There is a subtle ear-fade circle in this design.

⏩ Afro Burst Fade

Afro Burst Fade

Afro hairstyles are typically worn in conjunction with the burst fade. The popularity among black guys is undeniable. At the top, there are sponge twists. The nape is also short-cropped. To keep this hairdo in place, some work is required.

⏩ Long and Shaggy With Burst Fade

Long and Shaggy With Burst Fade

What’s the easiest way to update your hairdo to something more fashionable?  You’ll stand out with longer locks that truly contrast with the short areas on either side of the face because this style of fade is often done with shorter hair!

⏩ Straight Hair Burst Fade

Straight Hair Burst Fade

It may seem sometimes that straight hair lacks definition and boldness. If this is the case for you, try to spice up your haircut with a fade burst. Optionally, you may give your hair on top a textured cut for added volume and movement.

⏩ Burst Fade with White Guy

Burst Fade with White Guy

This burst fade haircut crosses hair kinds. The best fades suit Black, White, Hispanic, and Asian men. Low bald fade with natural hair on top. This short to medium-length hairstyle has volume, flow, and movement.

⏩ Ponytail Man Bun Burst Fade

Ponytail Man Bun Burst Fade

It is one of the crazily gorgeous looks you can choose from in 2020. You must grow out your top hair longer to obtain the ponytail man bun. Your head is the focal point of the burst fade, which is typically maintained high.

⏩ Burst Fade With Fringe

Burst Fade With Fringe

Fringe and the blast fade go along perfectly. Longer hair on the forehead might give you a cooler appearance. Additionally, asymmetrical fringe might be a chic and contemporary choice.

⏩ Burst Fade With Quiff

Burst Fade With Quiff

If you want a cutting-edge haircut, you may mix the burst fade with a quiff.  This hairdo is very stylish and seductive. Men who have previously experimented with various fade types are advised to try the burst fade this time.

⏩ Burst Fade With Ivy League Hairstyle

Burst Fade With Ivy League Hairstyle

Combining the ivy league and the burst fade allows you to get a classic and contemporary look at the same time. Additionally, giving your hair a distinctive touch like a hairline might be a wonderful idea.

⏩ Mini-Burst With Side Part

Mini-Burst With Side Part

This cut is for you if you want simple haircuts but still like to include current trends. This style appears classy with a modern twist and has a long top that is parted on the side and gradually fading sides with a mid (medium height) burst.

⏩ Brushed-Over Burst Cut

Brushed-Over Burst Cut

Burst fade gives this otherwise straightforward taper fade hairstyle a powerful edge. At shorter lengths, pin-straight hair can be difficult to control, but adding some gel and brushing the top to the side will help.

⏩ Bald Burst Mohawk Fade

Bald Burst Mohawk Fade

We adore seeing a single hairstyle incorporate components from so many various styles! The trendy broad mohawk cut from the South of France is visible in this photo of the model’s hair. The hair is burst-fade down to the skin above and behind the ears, creating a bald fade.

⏩ Two Block Burst Fade

Two Block Burst Fade

The bottom half of this two-block hairstyle is undercut or shaved, and the top is left with long hair parted to the side. Even though you’d have a fantastic, current haircut if you stopped there.

⏩ Mid Burst Skin Fade

Mid Burst Skin Fade

The ear bursts give a casual, pushed-back roughness on top a less polished appearance. To create an edgy contrast between the longer hair on top and sides and the shorter areas around the ears, these zones are faded down to the skin.

⏩ Curly Burst Fade

Curly Burst Fade

We have encouraging news for curly-haired men. Curly hair looks great with the burst fade. Curly hair can be challenging to maintain and manage. However, having a curly hairdo that is stylish and appealing is simple.

⏩ Spiky Burst Fade With Hair Design

Spiky Burst Fade With Hair Design

A burst fade will give you the effects you seek if you want a distinct and marginal haircut. To make your hair stand out more, you can use various hair colours. Additionally, there are some incredible hair style alternatives, such razor lines.

⏩ Usher Burst Fade

Usher Burst Fade

In honour of the well-known artist, dancer, and songwriter Usher, one of the fashionable curly haircuts bears his name. He enjoys this hairdo, which he frequently donned on significant occasions.

⏩ Straight Hair Burst Fade

Straight Hair Burst Fade

This hairstyle is evidence that you can sport a burst fade regardless of your hair type, whether it is straight or curly. On thick, straight hair, this haircut looks just great.

⏩ Designed Burst Fade

Designed Burst Fade

Long, thick hair that is gently curled and wears this haircut beautifully. The burst fade is made on the sides, and a design is cut out of the fade. You are free to express yourself artistically however you like.

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⏩ Braided Low Burst Fade

Braided Low Burst Fade

For this hairdo, you must have some thin braids. This hairstyle works well with hair that is medium in length. The sides are given a low burst fade, and the edges are sharply chopped.

⏩ Tattoo Burst Fade

 Tattoo Burst Fade

Guys with neck tattoos might look great with this haircut. Your barber should be able to advise you on the best burst fade haircuts based on the sort of tattoo you have.

Things to Consider

There are a few crucial things to consider before you hurry to the barber or try to make yourself a burst fade haircut at home. Before having this kind of fading, think about the following:

👉 Make sure it suits the form of your face

This fade has more volume on top and less on the sides, making it appealing. Burst fades narrow the sides and highlight the top for round, square, or heart-shaped faces.

Oval-faced people can wear this cut, however bald fades aren’t advised.

👉 Combine different haircuts and styles

Your ideal haircut will likely incorporate several cuts and styles. The burst fade only affects the hair above and behind the ears, so you’ll need to take inspiration from other trims and styles.

You can get a low skin fade to match the side bursts or a pompadour or quiff on top.

👉 Enjoy it a little bit

If you enjoy this fade, you probably appreciate trying new hairstyles.

Why not try a longer-in-the-back mullet or South of France haircut? You can easily convert this haircut into a long top, short side cut.

👉 Later, you can change it to a drop fade

If you constantly change your look, know that burst cuts can be turned into drop fades.

Ask your barber to elevate the fade line from the back neckline to create a drop fade.

👉 If you change your mind, it is simple to grow out

This fade is easy to grow out, so you don’t need to be cautious. Your ear hair will regrow soon. As the parts get longer, their arrangement makes them less noticeable.

Burst fades are becoming so popular because they look good, they’re versatile, and they’re universally flattering. Even if you love your current haircut, adding bursts to the style can shake things up and give your look a more modern edge. 

Whether you decide on this type of fade or something entirely different, make sure you’re working with a skilled barber or stylist who can deliver the results you want. 

What are the benefits of a burst fade haircut?

Style: Cuts with a burst fade are fashionable & can make you stand out from the crowd. They allow you to showcase your personality & sense of flair.

Versatility: Men of all ages and face shapes can choose burst fade haircuts because they offer versatility. You can wear them with various top styles, such as a crew cut, buzz cut, quiff, pompadour, or faux hawk.

Low-maintenance: Burst fade haircuts require little upkeep. All you need to do is frequently wash & brush your hair. If you want to keep your burst fade looking its best, you might need to have a trim every 4-6 weeks.

Jawline and cheekbone definition: Burst fade haircuts can assist to accentuate your cheekbones & jawline, giving you a more chiseled & manly look.

Here are some additional benefits of burst fade haircuts:

  • They can help to keep your hair cool and comfortable in hot weather.
  • They can be a great way to express your individuality and creativity.
  • They can help to boost your confidence and self-esteem.

What are some popular burst fade haircuts for men?

Here are some popular burst fade haircuts for men:

Low burst fade

Men of all ages and face shapes can wear this versatile burst fade haircut.

In this style, the hair gradually blends shorter from the top of the sides and back of the head to the skin, with the fade beginning lower on the neck.

You can pair this type of burst fade with various styles on top, including a crew cut, buzz cut, or quiff.

Mid burst fade

This burst fade haircut is similar to the low burst fade, but the fade starts higher on the sides and back of the head. This type of burst fade is a good option for men with thicker hair.

It can also be paired with a variety of different styles on top.

High burst fade

This burst fade haircut starts high on the sides and back of the head, and the hair is blended shorter to the skin.

This type of burst fade is a good option for men who want a more dramatic look.

It can also be paired with a variety of different styles on top.

Drop burst fade

This burst fade haircut is similar to the high burst fade, but the fade drops down in front of the ear, creating a unique and stylish look.

It can also be paired with a variety of different styles on top.

Burst fade with a design

This burst fade haircut is a great way to add some personality and style to your haircut.

You can choose to have a simple design, such as a line or zigzag, or you can choose to have a more complex design, such as a logo or image.

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No matter what type of burst fade haircut you choose, be sure to get it cut by a barber who specializes in burst fades. They will be able to give you a haircut that suits your individual needs and preferences.

How often should men get a burst fade haircut?

How often men need to get a burst fade haircut depends on how quickly their hair grows. Most men need to get a burst fade haircut every 4-6 weeks to maintain the desired length and style.

However, some men may need to get a burst fade haircut more or less often depending on their individual needs.

Here are some factors that can affect how often you need to get a burst fade haircut:

  • Hair growth rate: If you have fast-growing hair, you may need to get a burst fade haircut more often to maintain the desired length and style.
  • Desired length: To maintain a relatively short burst fade haircut, you should trim it more frequently. If you prefer a longer burst fade haircut, you can trim it less often.
  • Style: Regarding the style, if you have a complex or intricate burst fade haircut, you may need to trim it more frequently to preserve the desired look. For a simple burst fade haircut, less frequent trimming suffices.

If you are unsure how often you need to get a burst fade haircut, talk to your barber. They can help you determine the best frequency for your individual needs.

FAQ About Burst Fade Haircut For Men

FAQ: Fade Haircut

▶ How long will a burst fade?

A burst fade could last for a few weeks, depending on how quickly your hair expands.

▶ Are there ways to make a quick fade when I have thin hair?

Yes, a fade that is burst can be modified to fit thin hair

▶ Can women get a burst fade haircut?

Women can also get a burst fade haircut; however, it is more commonly observed on men.

▶ Can a burst fade be used for all faces?

Hairstylists combine a burst fade with a faux hawk or mohawk haircut to create the South of France haircut, also known as the Usher hairstyle.

▶ How can I alter my hairstyle with the burst fade?

You can make your hair look nice in a variety of ways including slapping the hair back or combing it and creating an unruly style. The burst fade gives an elegant and clean look at the sides and the back, which allows you to try different styles of hair.

▶ What is a burst fade?

A burst haircut fade is a style of men’s haircut that suggests leaving the hair along the neckline longer and tapering the tiny part of hair around your ears. It has a curved shape as a result.

▶ Is a burst fade a mullet?

While the burst fade is not a mullet, you can pair it with one. Mullets feature shorter tops and longer backs, but you can opt for a modern version by incorporating a burst fade. You can instruct your barber to keep the sides short and add curls.

▶ Is a burst fade a mohawk?

The explosive fade curves around the ear and head’s back. It works with many hair lengths and textures, including the mohawk. The burst fade and mohawk combination can bring attention to your head’s volume and produce a balanced proportionate style.

▶ How do you ask for a burst fade?

Showing your barber images of the desired hairstyle is a foolproof approach to request a burst haircut. You can also say you want the hair behind your ears faded into a semicircle and the back longer. You can choose a sunburst fade or a nappy taper on top.

▶ Are burst fades in style?

One of the most popular options for males seeking a stylish and modern appearance that is also edgy and hip is the burst fade. The fade frequently has a rounded shape as it tapers down the neck and around the ear. It is relevant for this reason since it is simple to wear and goes well with so many various cuts.

▶ What is a South of France haircut?

Hairstylists combine a burst fade with a faux hawk or mohawk haircut to create the South of France haircut, also known as the Usher hairstyle.

Final Thoughts

In the end, burst fade haircuts are a common choice for men who prefer an elegant and clean look.

You can tailor these haircuts to suit your personal style because of their versatility and customization options. Be sure to locate a seasoned barber who will create the perfect blend for you, and keep it by frequent visits.

You should have no trouble finding a Burst Fade Haircut For Men that is perfect for you, regardless of whether you want the understated appearance of a low fade, the flattering style of a mid fade, or the eye-catching appearance of a high fade.

There are so many  Fade Haircut For Men for guys that you may select from, ranging from dramatic contrasts to clean cuts. You can shape your appearance by combining your fade with a hairdo tailored to your character.

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