15 Black Women Haircut Ideas To Try + Bonus


Black Women Fade Haircut Designs

Black Female Fade Haircut

Until recently, men were the only ones who preferred short haircuts with fades. But today, especially among black women, they are without a doubt one of the best haircuts for women.

Here are some of the most beautiful Black Female Fade Haircut to give you some inspiration if you’re thinking about getting this haircut.

What’s a Black Female Fade Haircut?

Black Female Fade Haircut

A distinctive hairstyle known as a “fade haircut” involves reducing or shaving the hair on the sides of your head while leaving the hair on top of your head long. The side hair that has been buzzed and clipped creates an equal gradient pattern known as a “fade.”

As was already mentioned, the fade haircut was once thought to be a men’s hairstyle, but recently, many black women have adopted it as their go-to look.

History of the Fade Haircut

Black Female Fade Haircut


It originated in the 1940s and 1950s in the strict U.S. Military. Over time, regular American guys liked the hairstyle, making it the coolest hairdo.

In the 1980s, as hip hop culture took hold in America, the fade haircut became popular among male hip hop performers. Its acceptance in the music and fashion industries propelled its popularity worldwide.

Many American women (particularly black women) tried it in the 1990s. Toni Braxton’s face-framing, super-stylish fade cut in the early 1990s led many black women to try the fade.

Barbers in the U.S. began experimenting with fading haircuts, including afros and Jheri curls.

In the late 1990s, a redesigned, edgier version of the fade hairstyle became a hip hop standard. Known as hi-top fade or flattop fade. Grace Jones wore this hairdo before Cameo, Eric B & Rakim, and Big Daddy Kane.

In the early 2000s, the hi-top fade haircut disappeared. Kanye West, Nas, Will I. Am, Kendrick Lamar, and Usher brought it back in 2010. Since then, fade haircuts have evolved. Black ladies have embraced it and created several patterns.

How to Touch Up Your Fade Haircut at Home

Black Female Fade Haircut

Black Female Fade Haircut are easy to maintain. Your fade haircut will only last four days until the clipped hair grows back. Always carry a razor to touch up your fade.

Don’t cut your hair or lines. Curly or straight, you must clean your hair. Make sure the razor stays within the pre-defined lines to prevent design damage. If you’re not confident touching up your fade at home, ask your fiancé, family, or friend.

To avoid infections, disinfect your razor. Before touching up your fade at home, learn how to hold and operate the razor. Video tutorials and websites demonstrate how to touch up fades with razors.

The historical origins of African hairstyles include afros, cornrows, dreadlocks, and others. The historical origins of African hairstyles include afros, cornrows, dreadlocks, and others. Black groups all around the world have been developing distinctive hairstyles for millennia.

How To Fade Hair Short For Female?

Black Female Fade Haircut

Use a short length setting to cut the bottom of your hair short. Follow up by switching to a higher length setting and cutting above that. Continue doing this with higher lengths until the fade is complete. Steps.



If done well, this haircut will offer you a professional and badass look. It’s well-cut and suits professional clothing. The top is level 3 or 4, and the sides and back are 1 or 1.5. The twist/nappy top is sponged. Add a side part and an all-around edge up to look fierce while doing business.



Solange’s haircut is low-maintenance. Level 3 hair is parted left or right. Style this short hair with pomade. It’s the ideal short haircut for black women. Solange proves short hairstyles for black women aren’t a fad.

⏩ Textured Fade Haircut

Textured Fade Haircut

It combines structure and texture. It has a futuristic afro style that’s different from the traditional afro since it elevates the flat top higher than a normal hi-top.

⏩ Platinum Fade Haircut

Platinum Fade Haircut

With your chopped hair, a platinum fade accelerates, giving you a superb beauty do. Additionally, it reflects your taste in elegance and your hairstylist’s originality. Your hair looks sophisticated and vibrant because of the platinum colour.

⏩ Ice Blue Fade Haircut

Ice Blue Fade Haircut

The letter “F” looks fantastic with this cool blue fade hairstyle. The prolonged bang and bright blue hue go wonderfully with the edgy undercut that it has. A woman with a small, rounded head will love it. This daring haircut represents assurance.

⏩ Coily Fade Haircut

Coily Fade Haircut

Have you ever considered styling lengthy coils with a great fade haircut? If not, this fade haircut style demonstrates that it is possible. Your hairstylist will use a silk scrunchie to coil or pineapple your curls.

⏩ Wave Haircuts For Black Women

Wave Haircuts For Black Women

Many people will bend their necks to see your 360-degree waves with this hairstyle! Although quite common among men, the wave cut appears even more unique on a woman. With the grain, the hair is trimmed at a level 2 or 3, tapered in the back, and lined up all around.



However, you wouldn’t want to catch a fade with someone who has this haircut, so we’re not talking about catching hands here. This rebellious hairstyle is ideal for those who lead carefree lives! The side and back bald fades provide the ideal background for adding designs to the haircut.

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⏩ Frohawk Fade Haircut

Frohawk Fade Haircut


A fashionable haircut that adds length and a minor effect is the curly Mohawk with a fade, which you are missing out on if you haven’t tried it yet. Long hair is layered on top of your head in the frohawk fade haircut to give the appearance of longer hair.

⏩ Bubble Gum Pink Fade Haircut

Bubble Gum Pink Fade Haircut

This bubble gum pink fading is perfect for you if you enjoy cotton candy. It has a stunning bright fading to represent your liberated spirit and passion for happiness. To maintain the pink hue, your hairstylist would tell you to follow a routine on a daily basis.

⏩ Geometric Fade Haircut

Geometric Fade Haircut

By adding several designs to your sides, you can experiment with the different geomatics with this fade design. Your hair now has a retro feel thanks to this. To have all the designs added, you would need to visit your hairstylist more than once.

⏩ Vibrant Green Fade Haircut

Vibrant Green Fade Haircut

Neon green isn’t the most conventional hair colour, but it will definitely turn heads wherever you go. You can go with a cheery pixie because it will encourage you to take risks outside.

⏩ Curly Red Fade Haircut

Curly Red Fade Haircut

For added edge, this design adds curls and a scorching red hue to the fade. Do pin curling and cover your head with a silk scarves before bed to maintain the health of your curls. Your hair will stay put all night with this.



Retro 90s fashion has never looked better! You’ll remember listening to 3LW and Destiny’s Child after getting this haircut. This hairdo, which Kelly Rowland popularised heavily, is still attractive today. To achieve the wavy impression, it is low-cut and gel-styled. It is ideal for a classy environment!

⏩ Curly Ombré Fade Haircut

Curly Ombré Fade Haircut

For many hairstylists, a fade haircut combined with texture is always the first option. This wavy ombre fade pattern is quite daring. You might request that the hairstylist choose a specific colour to go with your mood and preferences.

FAQ About Black Female Fade Haircut Designs

FAQ: Fade Haircut

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