30 Cool Mullet Fade Haircuts For Men in 2023

Mullet Fade Haircut For Men

A Mullet Fade Haircut will most certainly appeal to you if you enjoy mullets. You may not be concerned that you will appear dated because it is modern and stylish.

Additionally, it works with all hair types and textures. So there is a choice for you too, regardless of whether you have straight, thin locks or a coily, thick mane.

You can learn more about Mullet Fade Haircut in our guide, including how to achieve them and the best ways to wear them.

What Is A Mullet Fade

Mullet Fade Haircut

A Mullet Fade Haircut is a modern take on a classic mullet. It also includes short hair in the front and noticeably longer hair in the back. Yet, the sides are faded, not simply trimmed.

This gives your hair look a neat and stylish finish. Your haircut comes out effortlessly bold and edgy thanks to a high contrast between the sides and the rest of the hair.

One of the best things about it is that it is suitable for any hair type and texture. What is more, there are many ways to pull off the look, so you will not feel limited in styling.

Stylish Mullet Fade Haircut – Tutorial

How To Fade A Mullet

Mullet Fade Haircut

From a taper fade mullet to a burst Mullet Fade Haircut, there are a lot of various ways to fade a mullet haircut. However, you can discover a lesson for a straightforward mullet with a fade haircut below if this is your first time performing the cut.

  1. Start by creating a part in your hair that runs from ear to ear through the crown, dividing the hair on top from the hair in the back.
  2. Make a second separation that extends above the temple region and joins the first one. You now have blocks of hair on your head.
  3. Use the scissor over finger technique to trim the hair above the lines of intersection. Ensure that the top is shorter than the rear.
  4. Grab a comb, a closed-lever pair of clippers without a guard, and these items. Trim the hair below the comb by positioning it directly above the ear.
  5. Trim about half an inch upward after releasing the lever on the clippers. You can once more utilise the comb as a guide.
  6. Close the lever, then combine the shorter and longer sections.
  7. Remove the visible line where the hair meets your skin by using a foil shaver.
  8. While the lever is open, attach guard #1 and further trim upward by half an inch.
  9. Change to guard #1.5, then comb the top and sides of the hair together.
  10. Smooth off any uneven surfaces with the clippers with the 1/2 attachment.
  11. Use the tips of the shears to brighten any dark regions if there are any.
  12. Using a close-cutting trimmer, outline the edges.

Is Mullet Coming Back?

Mullet Fade Haircut

“Yes” is the quickest response to this. Back to formal in the front and party in the back.

This haircut was initially popularised by a variety of sports and actors to represent style and a distinct appearance. Due to its appearance, which is different from the top that to from the back, it has been a blend of a meeting room with a nightclub.

The focal points of a mullet Fade are the strands at the back that attempt to emerge from the cluster, giving the appearance of a jumble of strands scattered around the top of an organised short haircut.

Some individuals think that this retro style will look fantastic on those with longer facial structures since it gives the hair room to spread out and cluster.

Prepare yourself for some new iterations of the mullet as modern treatments with fading sides or brushed up top will undoubtedly innovate the classic appearance.

How Do You Style This Cut?

Mullet Fade Haircut

The conventional mullet fade is considerably shorter thanks to the modern mullet, yet there is still plenty of length for styling. You can approach it however you wish, but these are some wise recommendations to get you started:

  • 👉  To one side, comb or brush it.
  • 👉  It will gel up and move to one side.
  • 👉  Comb and/or gel it back if it’s been long enough.
  • 👉  While it might be viewed as a little too ’90s, it is still possible to gel it up into spikes.
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Even though those tips are only for the top, you can experiment with a few different mullet styles. You can let it hang down, pull hair back in a ponytail, or let it flare out.

Faded Mullet Hairstyles

You’re sure to find the hottest mullet haircut ideas here if you’re seeking for them. The most attractive and well-liked mullets are listed below to give you some inspiration.

⏩ Curly Mullet

Curly Mullet

The Mullet Fade Haircut goes well with hair that is curly. This is because the natural bounce and volume of curls make the difference in length from front to back less noticeable.

⏩ Mohawk Mullet

Mohawk Mullet

Have you ever wanted more than one haircut at the same time? You can now because of the mohawk mullet. You can wear your hair at any length with this style.

⏩ Taper Fade Mullet

Taper Fade Mullet

A Mullet Fade Haircut with a taper looks less crazy than one that doesn’t have a taper. This is a great option for guys who want an office-appropriate version of the mullet.

⏩ Flat Top

Flat Top

If you don’t mind hairstyles that look strong and old, you might like a flat top. It looks good on pretty much any hair type, but guys with curly hair will like it the most.

⏩ Faded Mullet Lines Design

Faded Mullet Lines Design

Add a trendy twist to your Mullet Fade Haircut by adding a hair design to it. If you don’t want anything too complicated, you can get a few simple lines shaved in your temple area.

⏩ Brushed Back 70s Hairstyle

Brushed Back 70s Hairstyle

Even though the Mullet Fade Haircut was at its most popular in the 1980s, you can find ideas for it in the 1970s. The brushed-back top, which was popular in the 1970s, is a great way to style your hair when you want something simple and classy.

⏩ Hipster Mullet

Hipster Mullet

It can be cool to have a mullet. This new style has medium hair on top with a lot of movement, faded temples, and thick hair in the back that falls down. It all seems to work and look great, but not everyone can pull off the look.

⏩ Spiky Top + Wavy Back

Spiky Top + Wavy Back

Wavy hair and spiky styling give this traditional mullet hairstyle its signature textural quality. The faded sides of the temple produce a streamlined appearance.

⏩ Beckam’s On Field Hand Tossed Strands

Beckam's On Field Hand Tossed Strands

This elegant mullet employs a sloppy base to give it a natural look all over. This mullet is seamlessly connected from front to back, unlike some mullets that can appear like two hairstyles were mashed together.

⏩ Retro Peaking Mullet

Retro Peaking Mullet

It’s not necessary for mullet to be one foot long. This outfit is pretty understated, both in terms of the top and the mullet. It has the ideal French crop feel to it.

⏩ Burst Fade + Mullet Haircut

Burst Fade + Mullet Haircut

A pompadour in the front, a party in the back, and a burst fade at the sides make up this trendy haircut. Men’s haircuts can be mixed and matched to create a custom style.

⏩ Permed Mullet Faded Sides

Permed Mullet Faded Sides

A faded mullet with wavy hair has a certain allure. Don’t worry if you naturally have straight hair though. You can get your back hair permed for a more defined and striking appearance.

⏩ Drop Fade Mullet

Drop Fade Mullet

By pairing your mullet with a drop fade, you can increase its boldness. This well-liked combination produces a tidy and sophisticated appearance, making it appropriate for any setting.

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⏩ Skin Fade Mullet

Skin Fade Mullet

If a mullet with a taper fade doesn’t appear to be enough for you, you can add more style by getting a skin fade. You’ll get a sharp and edgy look as it implies blending the hair into the skin.

⏩ Short Mullet Fade

Short Mullet Fade

We are here to disprove your assumption that getting a mullet necessitates growing your hair out long. A short hair mullet fade looks just as attractive and current as its longer version, but it is much simpler and quicker to pull off.

⏩ Punk Mullet

Punk Mullet

A fading mullet is a great alternative to a mohawk because of its edge. Consequently, it is one of the distinctive hairstyles of the contemporary punk subculture.

⏩ Blonde Retro Yet Hip Mullet

Blonde Retro Yet Hip Mullet

There is just so much to say about this. To start, the tattoo is vivid since the temple is fading. To add to that, the forehead fringe simply reminds of a French crop with a tossed top. It just gets better and better.

⏩ Classic Retro Mullet Look

Classic Retro Mullet Look

The 1970s–1980s classic manly style is presented here with some additional flair on top. To bring it back, the sides are kept longer without any taper or fading, and the top is mix-curled and pulled together.

⏩ Blonde Highlighted Tossed Mullet

Blonde Highlighted Tossed Mullet

This mullet is all about using good volume to apply a touseled look, which has an undertone that requires very little care. Additionally, the hipster-like contrast of black and blonde adds a further dimension of panache.

⏩ Long Top with Short Mullet

Long Top with Short Mullet

Log tops and short sides are something we’ve heard of, but adding a mullet to the back is undoubtedly a gesture. It demonstrates how one can combine an old and new style.

⏩ Thin Mullet

Thin Mullet

The length of the hair can either make a mullet extremely voluminous or keep it plain. We can all agree that anything with this look combines beautifully with current fashion trends.

⏩ Curly Back with Temple Faded Mullet

Curly Back with Temple Faded Mullet

Something that immediately stands out and captures the attention is is temple fade. Here, the top is pushed back and the mullet is curled for added flair. The pushback is undetectable yet nevertheless fashionable.

⏩ Subtle Mullet with Fancy Temple

Subtle Mullet with Fancy Temple

When we were considering ways to make mullets finer, this slit design enters to pique our interest even more. The top has a cool French Crop top with a pocky top, making it fairly understated.

⏩ Long Strands Make the Best Mullet

Long Strands Make the Best Mullet

A nice mullet is typically made up of tops with short hair, but this one is extremely different. The rear is similarly extended to create a curled mullet, and the top is fairly long until it reaches the back.

⏩ Mullet Shag

Mullet Shag

This shaggy alternative to the standard mullet focuses on several layers to frame the face as opposed to the traditional mullet’s hair, which is slightly disjointed from top to bottom.

⏩ Punk Mullet

Punk Mullet

Mullets and punk are both still alive. For the man who isn’t afraid to go all out, this tough-as-nails hairdo is ideal. Keep your top-of-the-head hair close to the skin, like a skinhead.

⏩ Permed Mullet

Permed Mullet

You simply cannot beat the long, curly mullet for the truly brave. Make sure your curls are intact and not puffy if you want this look to work. Try using a specific pomade or styling lotion for defining curls.

⏩ Mullet with Fringe

Mullet with Fringe

Add bold bangs to the mullet fade for a high-fashion, editorial-inspired interpretation. It has a futuristic feel due to its thick, harsh fringe that is straight across.

⏩ Undercut Mullet 

Undercut Mullet 

Adding an undercut is a fantastic method to try out your mullet if you’re unsure about going all out. You may instantly give the impression that you can smooth your hair all the way down your neck by shaving the sides and the underneath.

⏩ 80s Mullet

80s Mullet

The ’80s are making a strong comeback, and it’s not just in fashion. The classic mullet look is very popular right now. The emphasis back then was on maintaining fluffy, voluminous hair.

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How to Cut a Mullet

Mullet Fade Haircut

  • 👉  One of the key elements to the mullet is the length at the back of your head, so if you’re planning to grow it out, first, you should decide your desired length.
  • 👉  Remember, the longer the locks are, the more pronounced the mullet will be – the ideal length is about two to six inches or to the base of your neck. On average, your hair will grow 1/2 an inch every month, so be patient!
  • 👉  Section off the hair into three parts – the front of the hairline to the center of the crown and part the side sections from the front of the head to the ears.
  • 👉  Chop off the middle section first – cut small portions of the locks and work your hair down. Once you’ve reached the desired length, you can move onto the sides.
  • 👉  Cut the sides upward, leaving the parts at the top longer than below and tapering towards the ear.
  • 👉  Blend the remaining areas as you wish, leaving it choppy or evened out for a more polished look.
  • 👉  Alternatively, use clippers to create a buzz cut along the top and sides, leaving the glorious tendrils in the back.

FAQ About Mullet Fade Haircut For Men

FAQ: Mullet Fade Haircut

▶ What is a fade mullet?

A current cut called a mullet fade has faded sides, a shorter top, and a longer back.

▶ Is a burst fade a mullet?

A burst fade is fundamentally different from a mullet. However, they can be combined. A burst fade is a way to trim the hair on the sides by achieving a smooth transition from shorter hair to longer hair and following the natural curvature of the ear.

▶ Why is a mullet hairstyle called a mullet?

There is still some controversy around the mullet’s derivation and origin. However, the Beastie Boys’ song Mullet Head from 1994 is credited by the Oxford English Dictionary as being the first to use the expression.

▶ Is the mullet coming back in 2023?

In 2022, the mullet will undoubtedly return, but with a contemporary twist. This time, it’s all about embracing natural texture, incorporating bright colours, and wearing more rigid yet unique shapes. Compared to the 1980s, more hair is preserved on top, while the length at the back is not as dramatic.

▶ What’s a mullet haircut look like?

The sides and top of a mullet haircut are shorter, while the hair at the nape of the neck or rear of the head is left longer.

▶ How do you give a mullet haircut?

For a mullet cut, it’s advisable to visit your go-to barber as it can be a little more difficult to perfect than other cuts. Your hair will be divided into sections, and the top will be cropped short. Generally speaking, the sides from the ear forward are kept shorter and may even have a fade.

Final Thoughts

You should have no trouble finding a Mullet Fade Haircut For Men that is perfect for you, regardless of whether you want the understated appearance of a low fade, the flattering style of a mid fade, or the eye-catching appearance of a high fade.

There are so many  Fade Haircut For Men for guys that you may select from, ranging from dramatic contrasts to clean cuts. You can shape your appearance by combining your fade with a hairdo tailored to your character.

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