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Judes Barbershop Prices 2023

Hey! Greetings from Judes Barbershop! You won’t have to pay much to have your preferred haircuts here.

Judes Barbershop Prices are highly reasonable and affordable considering state-of-the-art facilities and world-class service.

If I’m talking about Judes Barbershop services, then you’ll get traditional & styling haircuts, trim, shaves, color, highlight, shampoo & conditioning.Judes Barbershop Prices

In this post, we provide complete information about Judes Barbershop services, prices, hours, and location.

About Judes Barbershop

Judes Barbershop believe in serving people while aiming to be the greatest Barbershop in Michigan. Our team comes first. When our staff improves, our guests look and feel better.

In 2005, we launched our first Barbershop in downtown Grand Rapid to offer classic services in a modern setting.

With 24 locations in Michigan (Grand Rapids, Lansing, Kalamazoo Portage, Ottawa County, and Traverse City), Judes Barbershop can satisfy consumers who say, “I want a barber shop near me.”


Jude’s Barbershop offers fades, tapers, taper fades, low fades, high fades, skin fades, military haircuts, buzz cuts, flat-top haircuts, high and tight haircuts, pompadour haircuts, mohawk haircuts, haircuts for curly hair men, short haircuts for men, long haircuts for men, shag haircuts and beard haircuts.

Judes Barbershop specialises in men’s hair so we can give you the best cut in Michigan.

Judes Barbershop Services Offered

  • ✅Men’s Haircut
  • ✅Damn Good Haircut
  • ✅Boys Haircut
  • ✅Buzz Cut
  • ✅Wise Guy Haircut
  • ✅Color for Men
  • ✅Waxing Service
  • ✅Beard and Shave

Judes Barbershop  Haircut Service Prices 2023

Boys Haircut                        $20 & up

  • Precision Haircut for ages 12 & under

Buzz Cut                                $16 & up

  •  Precision Haircut, one guard, no scissors or razor

Wise Guy Haircut                   $19 & up

  •  Discounted Men’s Haircut for those 65 and older Monday through Thursday before 3pm


Judes Barbershop Straight Razor Service Prices

Face Shave                       $37 & up

  • Smooth shave with a straight razor.

Head Shave                   $35 & up

  • Smooth shave with a straight razor and a vibrating shoulder massage.

Jude’s Straight Razor Fade           $33 & up

  • Straight razor fade haircut with shampoo, scalp massage, hot towel treatment, and shoulder massage.

Straight Razor Fade                  $29 & up

  • Straight razor fade and neck trim.

Neck Clean-up                        $8

  • Jude’s Haircut customers get a free straight razor clean-up between haircuts.

Judes Barbershop Beards Mustaches Treatments

  • Trim and Shape your Beard and Mustache so you look extra fine.

Beard Cleanse and Conditioning          $26

  • Wash, scrub, exfoliate and oil your beard

Scalp Treatment$21

  • Dandruff
  • Itchy/Oily Scalp
  • Psoriasis
  • Thinning Hair
  • Alopecia
  • Stress
  • Seasonal Loss

Hangover Treatment         $20 & up

  • Exfoliate and rehydrate the facial skin along with a relaxing scalp massage.

Hangover 2 Treatment       $10 & up

Judes Barbershop Waxing Service Prices

Ear Waxing                       $12

  • Clean up the hair coming out of your ears as well as the hair/fuzz on your ear.

Nose Waxing              $10

  • Clean up the hair coming out of your nose (at the entrance).

Upper Cheek Waxing              $10

  • Clean up the stray hairs on your upper cheeks and create a sharp line.

Front of Neck Waxing               $12

  • Clean up the hair on the front of your neck and create a sharp line.

Unibrow Waxing                       $7

  • Clean up the hair between your brows.

Judes Barbershop Color for Men

Grey Blending Color Service          $31 & up

  • Semi-permanent hair colour blends in with grey hair to disguise it.

Guys Color Service                            $35 & up

  • 100% Gray coverage.

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Judes Barbershop Hours

If you are wondering for What time Does Judes Barbershop  opens? OR What time does Judes Barbershop 

close? You’ve landed at the perfect place for the same.

Days Hours
Monday 9am-9pm
Tuesday 9am-9pm
Wednesday 9am-9pm
Thursday 9am-9pm
Friday 9am-9pm
Saturday 9am-6pm

Note:  The Judes Barbershop  hours may vary by its location.

Judes Barbershop Near Me Locations

Judes Barbershop Social Media Links


  • phone image (616) 575-5662

FAQ About Judes Barbershop

Can you get a straight razor neck clean up at Jude’s?

A fade haircut using a straight razor, followed by a straight razor neck clean-up. Customers who have previously received a Jude’s Haircut are eligible for a complimentary straight razor clean-up in the interim between haircuts when they return. You would be charged for Jude’s Haircut if you did not get it during your most recent visit.

What happens if I don’t get Jude’s Haircut?

You would be required to pay for Jude’s Haircut if you did not receive it at your most recent appointment. It’s owned and run by West Michigan natives and residents. It’s always a good idea to keep your beard and moustache in tip-top shape. Face and scalp massages that include exfoliation and hydration are always welcome.

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