30 Splendid Low Fade Undercuts for Men (2023 Guide)

Low Fade Undercuts for Men

You’re missing out if you haven’t tried the Undercut Low Fade whether you’re a man looking for a new hairdo or a method to spice up your present appearance. The best thing about fade haircuts is that they complement almost every hairstyle.

Undercut Low Fade Haircut

The best features of an undercut and a fade haircut are combined to create the classiest haircut possible the undercut fade which looks great on men of all ages. But don’t just believe what we say!

See for yourself what a low undercut fade is here and why you should incorporate it into your new appearance.

What Is An Undercut Fade Haircut?

Undercut Fade Haircut

Undercut fades work best on guys with longer hair, but they also work on shorter hair. An undercut fade shaves or trims your head’s sides from ears to temples.

Undercut vs. fade refer to the back and neck, respectively. The length forms an undercut around the head. The result is a long top and short sides, a low-maintenance and flattering style for all guys.

Men’s undercut fades don’t require a complete style overhaul. Edge up a man bun or ponytail, convert a crew cut to an undercut fade, or alter up an afro with a fade low undercut. These looks will narrow and flatter your face.

Undercut VS Fade

Undercut Fade Haircut

If you often confuse an undercut low haircut with a fade, we are going to clarify this for you. In an undercut, your hair on the sides and back is cut noticeably shorter than that on top.

Thus, the contrast between them is striking. A fade also takes the hair off the sides and back. Yet, the length decreases gradually and blends into the skin around the hairline.

The transition between the top and sides is smooth and seamless.

Undercut Low Fade Haircut – Video Tutorial

How You Can Wear This Cut?

Undercut Fade Haircut

A fade undercut will provide a handsome contrast if your hair is thin in texture. The rest of your hair will be highlighted by the shaving or fading, giving the impression that it is thicker.

Frequently wearing your hair in spikes? Although a fade low undercut may emphasise the top more than the bottom, you can still get the texture you prefer.

Like the way hard parts look? For new detail, combine it with a fade undercut. With an undercut fade, you can tame everything from dreadlocks and afro hair to shaggy or surfer haircuts!

Things to Consider

As you can see, the undercut fade hairstyle is quite adaptable and suitable for many different settings. But before choosing this haircut for your new style, let’s talk about some of the specific factors you might think about.

➧ Makes Your Hair Look Thicker

This haircut’s fade from the shaved side to the thicker top makes your hair look thick. This is great for men with thin hair since it makes it appear thicker.

➧ Draws Attention to the Head

The undercut fade’s ability to naturally draw attention to the top of the head is another trait. The fade doesn’t have the same stark contrast as a typical undercut.

You should also choose whether you want a low, mid, or high fade when it comes to the undercut.

➧ The Fade Accentuates the Undercut

A low fade begins at the neck and fades into the thicker top. Contrary to the high fade. The high fade shaves to the temple. High fade emphasises this style’s undercut.

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➧ Adds an Edginess to the Cut

For something wild, try the disconnected undercut. This style has a fading side and a lengthy top. Because you don’t have to merge into the sides, the top can be incredibly lengthy.

Is the Undercut Fade Right for You?

These examples, hopefully, demonstrate that the undercut fade is fashionable and adaptable enough to go with virtually any hairdo. You will unquestionably seem more youthful and stylish, and it’s a terrific approach to combine two trendy haircuts.

Popular Low Fade Undercut Hairstyles for Men

These below hairstyles are the men’s top 30 low fade undercuts we like:

⏩ Messy Low Fade Undercut

Messy Low Fade Undercut

Who said women should have untidy hair? Here, every man’s favourite hairstyle is this messy one. Long front fringes work very well to give long hair this spiky appearance.

⏩ Side Part Undercut with Low Fade

Side Part Undercut with Low Fade

All the stylish men in the area have hairstyles like this low fade undercut. Given that it is sober, you shouldn’t be concerned about wearing this haircut to work.

⏩ Low Fade Mohawk

Low Fade Mohawk

Go for a low fade Mohawk hairstyle if you want to switch up your regular hairstyle and add some creative elements to it.

⏩ Low Skin Fade

Low Skin Fade

This is one of the best undercut haircuts for men with hair that isn’t completely straight or silky. A low skin fade gives off a clean appearance, which is why it works with every dress and situation.

⏩ High Fade Undercut

High Fade Undercut

An undercut fade for men with a high fade involves shaving or trimming the hair from the temple line to the ears, leaving a rounded shape for the blonde locks on top of the head.

⏩ Short Undercut Fade

Short Undercut Fade

Add a flash of electric pink or blue to a dark base to make your present hairdo stand out more, then finish with a fade undercut. It’s the ideal balance of neat and tough when paired with a well-trimmed beard.

⏩ Tapered Undercut Fade

Tapered Undercut Fade

A fade undercut with a taper haircut It’s a mash-up of styles: the sides are undercut and the rear of your head is tapered. As a result, the side has a distinct cutting edge that gently fades from the bottom up.

⏩ Bald Fade  Undercut

Bald Fade  Undercut

The lengthy hair is abruptly cut short in a bald fade haircut before fading to the skin. The bald fade is very aggressive and really sharp-looking, especially when pulled back.

⏩ Long Undercut

 Long Undercut

This one is for you if you’re one of those guys who takes “No Shave November” a little too literally. Men with thick beards around their faces always look excellent in long undercut hairstyles with a low fade.

⏩ Side Swept Low Fade Undercut

Side Swept Low Fade Undercut

This one is for all the men who wish to give their long hair a fashionable look. To make your hair appear damp, apply some gel, and then use a blow dryer to keep it in place.

⏩ Undercut Mid Fade

Undercut Mid Fade

While the mid fade highlights the fade style’s aesthetic attractiveness, it also stays away from an extreme application like a high fade or skin fade.Very popular and attractive haircut: undercut with a mid-fade.

⏩ Undercut Slicked Back

Undercut Slicked Back

Undercuts highlight lengthy, combed-back hair on top. The sides should be faded high to give emphasis to the long, slicked-back top.

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⏩ Retro Mid Fade

Retro Mid Fade

With a mid fade, the side portion of this classic style works really well. This schoolboy parting style demonstrates how adaptable the undercut fade haircut style can be.

⏩ Comb Over Fade

Comb Over Fade

A men’s comb over combines classic and modern elements. The outcome demonstrates that opposites draw each other. The comb over fade on this model is intriguing and modern.

⏩ Hard Part Haircut

Hard Part Haircut

The etched line is automatically included in the hard part haircut. Here, the model developed a hard component fade by combining it with the undercut and taper.

⏩ Mohawk + Undercut Fade

Mohawk + Undercut Fade

Without the commitment, combing back all the hair creates the illusion and enjoyment of a Mohawk. The colour, etched line, and mohawk fade on this particular model are great and distinctly different.

⏩ Low Fade Undercut with Fringe

Low Fade Undercut with Fringe

Although this hairstyle is frequently referred to as blunt, it definitely exudes cool feelings. You should definitely try this if you have an oval face. Short fringes and a low fade undercut on the sides and back are the key features.

⏩ Bald Low Fade Undercut

Bald Low Fade Undercut

Try this if you have long hair and don’t want it to hang over your forehead. You’ll develop a low fade effect baldness on the sides of your head. When you have this haircut, always brush your hair away from your face.

⏩ Low Fade Undercut with Faux Hawk

Low Fade Undercut with Faux Hawk

Try this if you have long hair and don’t want it to hang over your forehead. You’ll develop a low fade effect baldness on the sides of your head. When you have this haircut, always brush your hair away from your face.

⏩ Undercut Drop Fade

Undercut Drop Fade

The undercut drop fade resembles other fade patterns almost exactly. The fade line makes a difference. At the nape, a drop fade gradually falls.

⏩ Curly Undercut Fade

Curly Undercut Fade

The undercut fade style looks fantastic on those with curly hair as well. We are aware of how challenging it is to maintain and style frizzy hair. Undercut fade has made it easier to style and take care of curly hair.

⏩ Quiff Undercut Fade

Quiff Undercut Fade

We may conclude that the quiff is a hairstyle that frequently goes perfectly with an undercut. This style looks well on hair that is short, medium-length, or long. You have a wide range of alternatives to select from.

⏩ Undercut With Thick Beard

Undercut With Thick Beard

This haircut demonstrates how effectively the undercut pairs with a thick beard, much like other undercut fade haircuts with beards. The intensity of the bigger beard, rather than the hair on top.

⏩ Hipster Undercut Fade

Hipster Undercut Fade

This tidy and waves undercut style just naturally goes with the hipster checkered shirt and the well-trimmed beard. The fade is lower on the back and mid on the sides, creating an overall balanced appearance.

⏩ Dyed Undercut

Dyed Undercut

This look demonstrates the undercut fade’s versatility. The high fade on the sides contrasts beautifully with the coloured hair on top.

⏩ Neat Undercut Fade

Neat Undercut Fade

Long hair on top is not necessary for the undercut fade, and this look shows how nicely short hair may look. The short, well-groomed hair on top looks wonderful by raising the side fade.

⏩ Undercut With Bun

Undercut With Bun

The undercut is a fantastic hairstyle to draw attention to a bun on top. With nearly no side fade in this specific style, thin hair looks fantastic.

⏩ Layered Undercut

Layered Undercut

If you don’t want to go too short on the sides, this style’s layered undercut is perfect. It begins with a tidy appearance and eventually transitions to the top hair, which is fuller.

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⏩ Low Fade with Design

Low Fade with Design

Even though a man’s haircut already has a good, edgy undercut, shaving in interesting patterns is the icing on the cake. This appearance has a geometric pattern.

⏩ Asian Undercut

Asian Undercut

Blonde highlights can liven up typical dark Asian hair. Hair that is spiked up and has a low fade undercut is quite fashionable.Getting a low fade undercut haircut is not difficult; the challenge is in maintaining the hairstyle.

Is Undercut Fade Suitable For You?

👉 Face Shape

  • Avoid having longer hair at the top of your head if you have a long face shape. For the top of your hair, try wearing it slicked back or with another short haircut.
  • Additionally, guys with round faces may opt to add a few inches with a style like a quiff with closely clipped sides or an undercut pompadour.

👉 Hair Type

  • The good news is that curly, coarse, thin, fine, and thick hair types may all be styled with undercut fade haircuts. For an undercut fade, there are a tonne of possibilities and variations.
  • For undercut haircut inspiration, read our post Peaky Blinders Haircuts For Inspiration (The Definitive Guide).

FAQ About Undercut Low Fade Haircut For Men

FAQ: Fade Haircut

▶ What is an undercut fade?

An undercut fade combines the undercut and fade hairstyles. Sides have short, high-faded hair. Long or mid-length is typical.

▶ What is the difference between fade and undercut?

The hair on the sides is typically what is meant when discussing a fade, but the hair on the back and close to your neck should also be understood.

▶ What do I tell my barber for an undercut?

To get a perfect undercut fade, ask your barber to start with zero attachment on the sides and fade it up with #1, #2, or #3 attachment. Leave the top hair 3.5–5 inches long, depending on the sides. Tell them to merge your top into your back hair using #1 or #2 attachment.

▶ Is the undercut still in style ?

An undercut might be considered one of those classic hairstyles that is always in fashion. So, yes. It is still fashionable.

▶ How long does it take for an undercut to grow out?

Your desired hair length will determine how long it is. After getting an undercut, it can take you a few months to a few years to see your hair grow back.

Final Thoughts

You should have no trouble finding a Undercut Low Fade Haircut For Men that is perfect for you, regardless of whether you want the understated appearance of a low fade, the flattering style of a mid fade, or the eye-catching appearance of a high fade.

There are so many  Fade Haircut For Men for guys that you may select from, ranging from dramatic contrasts to clean cuts. You can shape your appearance by combining your fade with a hairdo tailored to your character.

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